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We're very happy and excited to share the news that the beta version of Toshl Finance 2.0 for Android is available on Google Play for users that have joined the beta testing program.
It's been a long time since we've released any new features, because we were hard at work designing and building a completely new version of the app. All the screens and all the code had to be designed and written from scratch. When we say from scratch, we mean from scratch. It’s a whole new beast.
We are aware of the long time you've waited for the release and that the Android release is coming several months after the iOS and the web app release. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We would loved to have released the apps for all platforms at once, but that sadly wasn’t possible due to huge amounts of work and coordination required.
Now about the update. There are detailed instructions about participating in the beta program written in the About section of the Google Group, so here we'll write just the most important information:
- Please be aware that this is a beta release, which may contain more bugs than a regular release.
- The app is connected to your real Toshl account. Changes made to your data cannot be reverted.
- You have to be a member of the Google+ community ( to participate in the program
- You have to visit
and confirm to participate in the program
- You'll get beta updates through Google Play. If update still isn't available after doing the above steps, try installing it from
- We may not release the update to all users at once, but over several hours or days.
- Report crashes and other errors using the Support button, that is at the bottom of the Settings view. Please include logs and database with your report as well as detailed description of the problem. If it's a visual problem, please include screenshots.
- If you no longer want to receive beta updates, visit
again and leave the beta program. After that you'll have to reinstall the Toshl Finance app from Google Play.
We'll release several beta updates until the final stable release. Solving crashes and unwanted finance data changes will be our top priority.

I'm not receiving notifications on planned expenses even with me setting them. I had an expense planned for today and I set a notification to be sent on the same day at 10 am and it wasn't sent at all. Fortunately for me I remembered I had to pay it and I didn't miss it but I was counting on this app to help me! That's why I started using it last month.

New Beta version today (, with lots of improvements. Pretty noticeable ones too. If you experience any issues, please drop us a line on

- Restyled expense & income lists
- Budgets UX improvements
- You can select the start day of your financial month in the mobile app
- UI bugs & improvements
- General bug fixes released:
- visual updates
- improved sync performance
- reduced app size
- bug fixes

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Monthly budget is set, but the app isn't taking that into consideration in River flow view (no budget shown, just income graphics), as well as "amount left to spend" calculation in all other areas of the app.
Photo released:
- fixed unintentional financial month and account change when opening the left drawer
- fixed missing data on monthly overview screen when set as initial screen at application launch
- fixed upper "Next" button on budget amount screen released:
- updated widgets with holiday monsters
- reminders are now shown on entry details released:
- added expense and income sums to navigation
- added launcher shortcuts on Pixel phones and devices with Android 7.1
- added initial sync screen
- updated currency formatting
- improved entries list loading performance
- fixed several crashes released:
- added accounts and financial months swiping hint and infinite accounts swiping

2.0.12 stable released:
- fixed lock screen when searching for location
- added description, repeat and reminder options to transactions
- updated dialogs and highlighted elements color
- improved accounts/tags/categories list
- improved support for image upload on more devices
- long press on clear button on keypad now clears the whole value
- improved pull-down-to-refresh behavior
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