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How To | DoS a Website in less than 2 minutes
#DoS #Denialofservice #blackhatethicalhacking

Hello & Welcome to our "How To" Series.
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This How to os performed by SaintDruG.

How to do a Denial of Service Attack Fast
Machine Used: MacBook Air Running Kali
Target: Raspberry Pi 3 Running Parrot OS & Apache 2 Web Server

This Video is for Educational Purpose Only, what you do is
your responsibility and Black Hat Ethical Hacking, SaintDruG or anyone involved, is not held accounted for if any damage for any reason occurs.

This is a Denial of Service Attack Tutorial, we are not held responsible
to what machines you will be testing, you need to have a written permission by the site owner before attempting such attack and test.

Now that we got the disclaimer out of the way, lets begin.

In this demo, what you will see is:

Many DoS tools are used depending on the situation and target.
for example Layer 7 DDoS is performed differently and DDoS is not DoS.

This Demo we used:

Xerxes, installed compiled it and set it up
started apache2 on raspberry pi 2 and tested it.
monitored the traffic using speedometer

Performed the DoS on port 80 on that webserver locally.

Instead of that webserver, you replace the ip with the target and it will do the same - if its vulnerable to that specific.

And as you can see, its is THAT simple, of course different targets use different ways to protect, those too can be bypassed, there are ways Black Hat Hackers perform this using zombie techniques, and maintaining anonymity so it doesnt trace back to them.

in this example we did not use anonymity for the sake of the example and since we own the machines there was no reason.

It depends how many are performing the attack, and for how long - after you cancel the packages sent xerxes will stop, and the website should be online, sometimes it requires the whole server to be restarted.

During the DoS period that website = is inaccessible.

Stay Tuned for more to come short How To Videos!

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Hacking a website, using a php backdoor

#Hacking #backdoor #metasploit

Todays Hacking Minutes Series,
Machines used:
Mac OS: Sierra High / Raspberry Pi Runing Parrot OS

We will create a backdoor PHP, and then run apache2 to start our webserver hosting a webpage on a raspberry pi.

That will be the victim, so after creating the backdoor, we will copy it on that webserver.

We will access our backdoor and get a shell!

Giving us a lot of power and access on that webserver, basically own the machine.

After that, we will open metasploit and load an exploit using the web_delivery scrip/exploit, and escalate our session:

from Shell To a Meterpreter session.

And by doing so, we actually have the strongest power, and can post exploit making our sessions persistent and so on.

This is how Black Hats get access on websites in less than 2 minutes after they finish the first recon part and escalate priviledges, switching from shell to meterpreter and so on!

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How to Copy Files Through SSH, onto other remote machines.

*The motive of what you can do, with a payload, or php worm,
to a webserver, or a specific file using the power of commands,
sometimes, after a successfull bruteforce on an ssh, you want
to do things fast and you got limited access, the more you know
linux, the better and faster you get there, shell is just the beginning*

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