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Welcome to the Deloria Guild!
This community/guild is based off of +Lance the Bad Pun Maker​​'s Ohana Guild. Despite this, I tried to make it as different as possible. Here we have several rules that MUST be followed. They are shown below.
1. Respect the moderators and please do not get angry at me or them. I understand if you get frustrated with how strict we could be at times in the future but be respectful for the most part.

2. Do not godmod or become over powered and then expect for it to be over looked. Be fair to others because you are not the only one trying to enjoy a roleplay.

3. There is a strike system in place from here on out. Each person gets placed under a watch if the moderators and/or I notice any suspicious activity. Three strikes and you will be banned temporarily. If It continues, a permanent ban will be placed on you and you won't be allowed back in. We also know when you have created an alt. account so don't try us with that.

4. SEXUAL CONTENT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED WHAT SO EVER! This is meant to be a kid friendly role play community. Yes cursing is allowed but to a minimum. Any sexual content posted will result in a permanent ban.

5. Upon making any profiles, outlaws excluded, it MUST be approved by myself or one of the moderators.

6. Humans are prohibited. If you have played the PMD series, you should know that humans, and anthropomorphic pokemon Such as a fourlegged pokemon walking on two legs unless they are seen doing this in the anime or games (I.E. Purrloin and Meowth) , are found no where.

7. No pokemon fusions, fan-made forms (fan-made mega evolutions are going to be a possibility but they can only be created by the Owners and Moderators), discolored pokemon (excluding shiny. Example of a dis-colored pokemon would be a pink jolteon. Different markings could be negotiable but you must talk to me and/or Umberelic for permission if we agree that you can use it) or fake pokemon are prohibited as well.

8. Have fun! This is a place for role-playing and should be enjoyed!

Level (Starting level limit of 15):

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great time in this community!

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Name: Tripy
Age: 13
Gender: male
Type: dragon
Level: 15
Sexuality: straight
Personality: energetic
Nature: Timid
Team: none
Like: well all sorts of things and helping others or delivering
Dislikes: well anything that is is mean or trys to hurt someone for me.
Moves: wrap, dragon rush, ice beam, twister
Ability: shed skin
Bio: when I was younger I used to be a little delivery boy but later on I started to travel around delivering stuff for Pokemon. I even had to learn how to defend myself and figure out ways to get out of tough situation was. Sometimes I ended up getting beating to a pulp and lose what I was holding. Then I would end up getting in trouble and feel ashamed for what I lost and some Pokemon I overheard one day. Then when I started to listen I heard about this guild and started to wonder if that's where I should go to become strong enough and defend packages when I'm delivering them on a mission. I decided to rest last night and during my sleep I started to dream of what I could become. So in the morning I decided to head off for this Ohana guild. I kept on going with no stop until I got there and when I did I was really tired and needed rest. So I decided to stay in a guest room until I become an actual member. Now I'm just waiting for it to happen.

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Name: Zuri
Age: 7
Gender: female
Type: Dark
Moves: shadow ball, scratch, pursuit, Leer
Ability: illusion
Nature: modest
Like: all things in nature and nice wide open fields.
Dislike: anything bad and most of all any Pokemon that tries to hold me hostage or sell me.
Bio: I traveled around when I was young with my mother but after I was 4 years old I started to travel on my own. I then blended in with my environment by changing into different Pokemon at different times. I had to keep my seat for it hidden so that no one would try to do any harm to me or someone I care about. That one day you I ended up getting chased and was really injured. So I ended up changing back and then I ended up getting caught by some Pokemon hunters that are actual Pokemon. I was beating every day for about 3 years and I was now was 7. I then try to escape one day and get out of there quickly. The next meal I had I was able to get out and its Keith before they could catch up. Then I started a head to what I've heard everyday about this guild that they hated and where starting to become more frustrated with. so I headed there. When I got there I ran into one of the rooms and was still really exhausted thirsty and was basically starving with cuts all over also bruises. I just lay under a bed but I know why I would have to come out soon which will be tomorrow.

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Nickname (Optional):Kimi
Moves :
Fire Spin
Feint Attack(egg move)
Tail Whip
Likes:Naps,Snacks and books
Dislikes:Being bothered,betrayed
Team:None because she just joined
Special:Wears a locket with a Water Stone in it since she deems it as 'treasure'

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Old Level: 19

New Level: 23

In the training room Raze was meditating to start training, then she quickly opened her eyes and charged at a training dummy. She was glowing yellow and she unleashed her strongest Spark attack. The dummy took a good hit and she used her claws scratching it, she made a few marks on the wooden and stuffed dummy. She meditated with a yellow glow coming from her body, she was using charge. She did a flip and stuck her tail into the army, she leaped back to where she was standing and she held her head with pride while roaring with glory.

Old Level: 15

New Level: 19
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Name: Kate
Pokémon: fennekin
Nickname: Firefox
Gender: female
Level: 15
moves: ember, Flame Charge, scratch
Nature: lonely
Ability: blaze
Like: a lot of stuff and especially sweet and spicy food.
Dislike: Bully's, jerks, any Pokemon that is mean also most important guys that are no gentleman at all or just downright perverted.
Sexuality: straight
Nickname: Feeney
Bio: I was walking through the forest and it started to rain real hard. I ended up running trying to find a place to get out of the rain and I ended up in cave where they allowed me to stay.

More of my bio would be said in RP.

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Role Play Profile Template update:

Nickname: Shay
Pokemon: Shaymin
Gender: Genderless
Sexuality: bith
Level: 21
Moves: magical leaf, Zen headbutt , Growth, and synthesis
Ability: Natural cure
Likes: gracadia flowers, flying through the sky and nice Pokemon. Oh and likes Giratina as a friend
Team name: Natravine
Dislikes: criminals, Outlaws, and any mean Pokemon. Oh and last but not least being bored.
Nature: Bold 
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"Purrhaps this wasn't the best time to speak with me dear~."

Name: Rika

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Pokémon: Liepard

Level: 25 |I held her back on accident|

Moves: Feint Attack, Fury Swipes, Pursuit, Scratch

Ability: Prankster

Likes: The guild, Treasure town, helping others

Dislikes: Outlaws

Bio: Rika is a natural troublemaker, constantly stirring up trouble without even trying to sometimes. Though despite her kind using their adorable looks, she relies mainly on her wit. She's able to outsmart most outlaws and turning a battle to her favor. With the sudden outbreak in Mystery Dungeons and outlaws, Rika formed this guild in order to help those in need.

Nature: Impish


"L...Leave me alone! I...I don't want to cause any trouble....!"

Name: Haru

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay (Trying something new)

Pokemon: Winter Form Deerling

Ability: Chlorophyll

Level: 22

Moves: Double Kick, Grass Whistle, Agility, Tackle

Likes: Cold/Cool weather, star-gazing, snow, Umber |Controlled by +Umberelic​​ |

Dislikes: Hot and rainy weather, Outlaws

Bio: Haru was always a shy soul, he was even scared of his own parents when he saw them for the first time. Due to him being born in the northern, snowy mountains, his pelt is stuck in winter form. He doesn't mind though. His life took a tragic turn when outlaws attacked his herd. His mother, though she was heavily injured, got him to safety. Afterwards, he just ran, those were his only instructions. He was tracked down constantly and always escaped them. He soon found the guild and began to use it for refuge, becoming more of an introvert and extremely jumpy.

Nature: Timid
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"During either eclipse... The world is darkened. Whether it be the moon blocking the sun... Or the world blocking the moon... It proves something... It proves that we can't run from our shadows."

Name: Lunara

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Level (Starting level limit of 15): 18

Pokemon: Umbreon

{ Swift
{ Quick Attack
{ Growl
{ Tackle

Ability: Synchronize

Likes: The night, The moon, Stargazing, being alone, quiet spaces

Dislikes: Outlaws, getting up early, being in large crowds

Personality: Lunara is a quiet and mysterious umbreon, mistaken for being shy when she really doesn't like the company of others. She doesn't like being around others and she's more of a nightowl. Once her anti-social shell is broken, she's revealed as a kind hearted pokemon that had been misunderstood for most of her life and forced to live up to other's expectations, not being able to really live a life of her own.

Nature: Lonely
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