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Isn't this the #truth?! #nurselife #nursesrock 

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Does anyone know an aggressive attorney in NC with an excellent track rating
for successfully advocating for nurses who have probations?

Are Statins Putting Elders at Risk for Falls


There’s no question that statins (a class of medications used to lower cholesterol levels) are beneficial in preventing heart attacks and strokes. However, statins can also cause unwelcome side effects that can increase the risk of falling. A recent study stated that elders have a 50% greater risk of falling when taking a statin.

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Nursing is a work of heart. Nurses do work with all love and care thoughtful
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Emotional empathy of nurses is both our greatest strength and weakness. It can be hard to clock out and forget the burdens our patients and their families must carry. It is even harder to forget when you see them up close and personal in unexpected places...outside the hospital walls. #Nursing   #NurseLife  

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Nursing’s Transition: Creating inclusive healthcare settings for transgendered patients. #LGBTQ  

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"I almost gave up before I even started."  

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Who else out there is working to develop educational materials for their patients? #nurselife   #allnurses  

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