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+Jean Kirschtein Advances to the middle part!

+Ragnarok Minamoto and +Cesar Arellano You two are next!

The two combatants step into the arena waiting to ma-handle each other. 

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A general question: Who's still active in this community ?
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Not me. (-_-)

I sit and wait for an opponent

Can I just be ryoku? :P

hello~ i dont know if anyone is still here but i hope so, im looking for roleplayers i can have fun with that dont hate me~ im pretty strong when it comes to rp fights. but ill be starting fresh. ill make my profile soon~

((Open rp))
The sounds of slashing echoed in the training grounds where I was practicing on my melee skills. The ivory axe-head shined in the moonlight as it pierced the air. I huffed and lowered my arm carrying the weapon and I looked towards your direction and sniffed
Who's there? I shouted  

This place died when I was gone...

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"What hurts you only makes you stronger"
Name: Hanada Izume
Nickname: Little Red Riding Hood
Gender: Female
Race: Wolf/Human
Choice of Weapon: Axe
Abilities: Fire, Mass destruction, Healing
Likes: Sweet things, Tiny objects/Creatures, Everything in order(Slight OCD) and playing the piano and violin
Dislikes: Unclean things, Unfairness, Uneven things
Bio: Born in the woods and left for dead Hanada had realised of her supernatural powers at the age of 5 in an orphanage. Growing up was harsh for Hanada as she was bullied because of her powers and the orphanage she was living in was not in the best of conditions. After reaching the age of 16 she had nearly got full control of her powers. Wanting to know more about them she set off looking for anyone to teach her. That's how she found this school.
Tendencies: Wolf ears and tails visible if frightened, angry, annoyed or chough aroused/curious chough. If she tastes blood she tends to go slightly insane.Good at sports. Wolf tendencies/behaviour. Has a dark side though is usually cheerful.    
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Am I able to join? +Grace Romulo

Hello, I am new here
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