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Fourth Way / Work related books for sale
Margaret Anderson – The Fiery Mountains (Horizon Press, Copyright 1951, 1969)
SBN 8180-0211-5
Paperback, slight fading at edges, otherwise excellent condition.

Margaret Anderson – The Unknowable Gurdjieff (Arkana, Copyright 1991)
ISBN 0 14 01.9139 9
Paperback, slight wear at edges, otherwise excellent condition.

Fritz Peters – Eine Kindheit Mut Gurdjieff (German, ISBN 3-936360-09-x)
Excellent, as new condition

Rodney Collin – Spiegel Des Lichts (German, ISBN 3-88419-042-3)
Excellent, as new condition

George – Latura Beke – Digging Up The Dog: The Greek Roots of Gurdjieff’s Esoteric Ideas (Indication Press, ISBN 0-9639100-3-5)
Excellent, as new condition

David Kherdian – On A Spaceship With Beelzebub: By a Grandson of Gurdjieff (Globe Press Books, ISBN 0-936385-10-3)
Paperback, slight wear at edges, otherwise excellent condition.

John Fuchs – Forty Years After Gurdjieff (Second Printing, Gurdjieff Group of Denver, ISBN 0-9641069-5-7)
Paperback, slight wear at edges, otherwise excellent condition.

Luba Gurdjieff – A Memoir With Recipes ( SLG Books, ISBN 0-943389-22-4)
Paperback, slight wear at edges, otherwise excellent condition.

John Henderson – Hidden Meanings and Picture-form Language in the Writings of G.I. Gurdjieff: Excavations of the Buried Dog (Author House, ISBN 978-1-4343-0658-6
Hardback, brand new condition

Peter Washington – Madame Blavatsky’s Baboon (Schocken Books, ISBN 0-8052-4125-6)
Hardback, excellent almost brand new condition

Gurdjieff – Begegnungen mit bemerkenswerten Menschen (Aurum Verlag)
Hardback with duskjacket, MINT!

Gurdjieff – Rencontres avec des hommes remarquables (Julliard, 1960, ISBN 2-260-00048-7)
Hardback with dustjacket. Only slight wear/tear to dustjacket. Two sections of book, pages slightly colored, looks intention. Otherwise MINT!

P.D. Ouspensky – Fragments d’un enseignement inconnu

Gurdjieff – Beelzebubs Erzahlungen Fur Seinen Enkel (Sphinx, 3 85914 636 x
(3 volume Hardback book set in slip case. Some writing in pencil from previous owner.
Books in immaculate condition, slipcase has some wear)

Gurdjieff – Beelzebubs Erzahlungen Fur Seinen Enkel : Eine objektiv unparteiische Kritik de Lebens des Menschen (German, Triangle Editions)

Kathryn Hulme – Undiscovered Country: a spiritual adventure (Atlantic Little Brown)
First Edition, Library of Congress Catalog Card no: 66-22679
Mint condition!

Gurdjieff – Louis Pauwels (Times Press Douglas, First Edition, 1954)
Hardback, some wear to cover front and back, otherwise in excellent condition.

G.I. Gurdjieff – Encuentros Con Hombres Notables, Argentinian, 1980, As new
Georges I. Gurdjieff – Incontri con uomini straordinari, Italian, 2012, As new
G.I. Gurdjieff – parle a ses eleves, French, 1985, As new
Georges I. Gurdjieff – I racconti de Belzebu a suo niopte, Italian, 2003, Excellent
G.I. Gurdjieff – Beelzebub’s verhalen aan zijn kleinzoon, Dutch, 1977, Hardback, Excellent
George I. Gurdjieff – La vita reale, Eropa Libri, Italian, 2010, As new
Gurdjieff – La vie n’est reelle que lorque <<Je suis>>, Paris, 1976 Hardback, As new
Aus Der Wirklichen Welt Gurdjieffs Gesprache Mit Seinen Schulern, 1982, Hardback, As new

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Fourth Way Mindfulness Introduction

We learn to go deeper into Insight Meditation and to bring mindful attention to all aspects of our life – not just when we are on our cushion. Add incredible Fourth Way techniques of GI Gurdjieff and JG Bennett to mindfulness practice.

Two Talks that will explain Mindfulness practice in the world:

Tuesday September 27th
Tuesday October 4th, 7pm
Sheen Center
18 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012
(entrance on Elizabeth)

Weekly meeting/meditations to follow.

There is no charge for the talks – All are welcome.

For more information: Contact us

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