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Coming home from Korea...

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Greetings! "Fascism is explained by Ronald Reagan in the video & then defined by two different dictionaries below in this post. I did a search engine dictionary look up on the word "fascism" and look what I found among the definitions! I have put two of them in this post and notice how very different they are" Ann M. Wolf

Definition #1: authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
synonyms: authoritarianism, totalitarianism, dictatorship, despotism, autocracy; More (in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice.

Definition #2: Fascism | Definition of Fascism by Merriam-Webster
1 often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

OK....What do you see as different about these two? I see that the first version sidesteps it's role to simply "define" by further suggesting that "right-wingers" are the ones associated with such a regime, when in fact, the so-called "right wingers" or conservatives are those who believe in "less government." Hummm.

READ BUT DISCERN: Oh....and by the way, the first of the two has no link or source listed, so the reader is just left to assume that the information is correct because it identifies itself as a "definition." What say you about this?

Read more on this from "American Vision" Facebook Page:

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ABOUT OUR FIRST LADY: So Grateful that our First Lady, Melania Trump, saw fit to share this, the Lord's Prayer (Our Father) with us at the Florida rally on Saturday 2/18/17, putting God first & setting a beautiful tone of reverence & hope for the rest of the event. Let us continue to pray together....


ABOUT THIS AMAZING VIDEO: Listen to soaring orchestrations & vocals while watching gorgeous images of our solar system & universe in space; inspiring words of faith are displayed on screen for inspired viewing.

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WATCH: "The National Anthem" with inspirational trailer...

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First to re-enlist under New Administration...

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Description: Haunting orchestrations & bold words echo the hearts of Americans who know how close to the edge of losing Liberty our nation could be during these treacherous times. But Ann's message is one of hope, because for millions of us, our values are deeply embedded in our hearts & souls; and like our Statue of Liberty, we can each carry the torch in our own unique way as we keep the vision for our Republic Alive within us. This video is offered with love & respect, from Ann M. Wolf, in honor of all those who have stood for Liberty and who work & pray ceaselessly today, on behalf of our Nation and it's citizens.

NOTE FROM NARRATOR: Dearest American Patriots & Lovers of Liberty from around the world;

Many have asked me how I could actually state that "America Is Alive & Well" during these perilous times when so many wish to replace the options of Liberty with the false promises of socialism or some other form of "rule." I say, that as long as we have breath, we can affirm, we can celebrate, we can live on foundation of freedom, remembering the lessons already learned by those who established this nation and have since defended it; and no-one can take that vision from us any more that they could rip the Spirit of Christ from our hearts.

So, in the spirit of gratitude we continue to speak the value of Liberty, to honor those who have obtained it and defended it; and each in our own way we can become the living embodiment of a life lived well under the opportunity and grace which we still have.

Be encouraged; and keep your eyes more on the Lighthouse than the storm. I am with you in heart and spirit.

Your servant in Liberty and in Christ, Ann M. Wolf

"I stand for that Liberty by which I can choose accomplishment over despondency and vision over despair; I give all glory and thanksgiving to God, the originator of Mercy and by Who's Grace, we have seen this grand experiment called "America," unfold." - Ann M. Wolf from the Narration, "America Is Alive & Well & Living in our Souls." c 2013 - BMI

"America is indeed a Vision and one unable to be held captive by any enemy, foreign or domestic, because the Vision for "America born in Liberty," was God-inspired & is God-Given." - Ann M. Wolf - From the Narration, "America Is Alive & Well & Living in our Souls."
c 2013 - BMI

"Let us not allow ourselves to slip into the dreamland of impossible social utopias since spiritual growth and accomplishment are still a matter of individual choice, often coupled with the application of sustained hard work, yet all stemming from the personal character."- Ann M. Wolf - From the Narration, "America Is Alive & Well & Living in our Souls." c 2013 - BMI

"America Is Alive & Well & Living In Our Souls" - Narration written by Ann M. Wolf - Words c 2013 - BMI

NOTE FROM ANN M. WOLF ABOUT A CONTROVERSIAL IMAGE IN THIS VIDEO: "There is one image in this video which show the good works of those who labored tirelessly for years, seeking to gain the release of POW Sgt. Bergdahl. Their efforts were sincere and correct; and many thousands have no regrets in spite of the outcome of this story with regard to the allegations against Sgt. Bergdahl or the behavior of his father in the oval office the day that Bergdahl's release was announced. The Patriots who stood by the Bergdahl family during the whole ordeal after Bergdahl's capture, did so with dignity and genuine concern because they operated from the creed, "Leave no man behind."

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About the next Era for America and what we can each do to contribute to the healing & restoration of America....
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