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Ingress 5週年大贈送,有free item, 趁這兩星期,加入我們澳門藍營resistance 一齊玩😎😎😎
Double AP 就開始啦

1. 一人可以係同一portal 放兩隻7 腳 , 2 隻6 腳, 4 個MOD
2. 係store 可以拎1 個Free key 桶, 一個fracker , 一個beacon


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NIA公佈了數字,有9% 玩家在2星期內做了2000個control field, 我個人經驗都要用20小時去玩,人都好似輕左啲🤔🤔🤔
Thank you to all the Agents who joined in this month's #EXO5 Controller event. Thousands of Agents participated, collectively resulting in the creation of millions of fields. As for the badges, the results are in:

- 65% of the Agents that obtained the medal earned the first tier badge.
- 26% reached the second tier.
- and 9% Agents reached the 2000 field tier.

Congratulations to both Resistance and Enlightened agents who rose to the challenge. We're looking forward to seeing all of you in the upcoming #EXO5 XM Anomaly event.

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台北anomaly 前後, 可以搭NL-PRIME 巴士, 車上有啲同ingress 相關的小途戲玩, 跟住有新的NL-PRIME 章

本澳有幾位玩家都會去, 你會去嗎 ?

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澳門藍軍都有隊友拎到exo5 controller 黑章啦😎😎😎

拉2000個control field 用了約20小時
澳門藍軍都有隊友拎到exo 5 黑章啦😎😎😎

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有新的goruck ingress community manager (即係goruck 請的), 唔通以後仲有得玩goruck ?
Interview with +Ruth Shepherd (Spanish version below)

Between the Interviews with Resistance Vanguards we want to share an Interview with the new Ingress GoRuck Community Manager Ruth.

Also we are happy to share with you the Interview in Spanish, please scroll down for it.

*RGNN: Hello Ruth. Thanks for taking the time for this short interview. We start with a question, which most players are familiar with. Does your Agent name has a special meaning - and if yes, what?
No special meaning, really. This was a ‘secret agent’ game, so I wanted a number at the end of my name due to being a Get Smart fan, but all the obvious ones were taken.. Agent99, for example. At the time, it was a combination of liking the number 5, and my phone not being able to understand my name ‘Ruth’. It called me Rio. I put them together to make Rio5.

When did you start playing Ingress and how did you come to find the game? In which city do you usually play?
I first found Ingress in November 2012 when I stumbled across the Niantic Project website, thanks to the rising popularity of ARGs. I had done a few online games and was hungry for more. Then, xkcd featured it in December, I had just purchased my first Android phone, and I started obsessing. Finally January 2nd I got my invite code. I played in Jacksonville, Florida for four years and just recently moved to Toronto, Ontario this year.

What attracts you to Ingress?
At first it was the competition, but community building is what really suckered me into it for the long haul. The game was new and fresh and exciting, and we were writing our own path. Everything was something that hadn’t been tried before back then, and even now, there are new ways to experience Ingress whether through your local community, global anomalies, or partnerships like GORUCK.

Recently you have become GORUCK Ingress Community Manager. May you please describe what GORUCK and what’s your new role is?
GORUCK runs fitness events and makes some of the toughest gear in the world. When you strive to be the best at something, the quality really shows in the final product, and I like that. Their bags are a superb reflection of their passion for their art, and their events really taught me something about myself and how to be a better person overall.

GORUCK is a company that drew me in when I first heard about their partnership with Ingress. I liked the idea of teamwork and challenging one’s self in a different way. As I met the staff at HQ, their passion was infectious and I love to surround myself with those kinds of people. I was thrilled when they really wanted to learn about Ingress and integrate it into their events, and so I stepped into meetings with them to really teach them about what players care about. When I was asked to help design Operation: Clear Field this Spring, I jumped at the chance to bring Ingress and community service together. After that, there was a need for an Ingress Community Manager and I was asked to take on that role. For the most part, I am here to liaison between Ingress players and the company, and facilitate things like badge pushes, tiered patches, whatever is needed within the Ingress world. I’m the open door to GORUCK, and players can approach me with issues or suggestions.

In Europe it is a controversial issue. What would you say to make it more positive? And why GORUCK is related to Ingress?
GORUCK and Ingress both encourage us to be more than we already are, I think they both require something more from us. But, it’s a challenge we have to acknowledge and accept. I compare signing up to a GORUCK event to be like taking on a fielding project. We’re going to hit obstacles and deal with a lot of different personalities, but we’re all working towards one goal: The finish line. In the end, we’ll all be better for it and will have learned something about ourselves and our teammates. Ingress and GORUCK both have something to teach us about life in that regard.

I realize that GORUCK can be controversial in some parts of Europe, mostly for anti-militaristic views, and that’s something I understand and accept. I don’t want to change anyone’s views, I respect that. But GORUCK is about something much different than what is perceived as. If you think you’re signing up to have a drill sergeant yell at you, that isn’t going to happen. But if you want to learn something about leadership, challenging yourself, and breaking through obstacles in life whether alone or with a team, you are going to have a great experience. There is something so profound about challenging yourself to one of these events and learning not to give up. I find myself in tears at the end of every one, with new strengths and lessons learned that I can apply to other areas of life. I encourage everyone to give it a try.

Many Agents are afraid to go with it because of the high fees. How would you convince them to take part?
I think if they really want to do it, there is always a way. I think a little bit differently than most people -- I value experiences and life lessons over material possessions, so I make new experiences a priority financially. Find an agent to sponsor you, find a discount code for GORUCK events (they’re always floating around somewhere), give up your latte for a few weeks. I think you’ll be glad you did.

GORUCK is organising different events. Can you explain the differences?
We currently have three Ingress events going on. The first is the GORUCK Stealth challenge. This is our current hardest challenge within Ingress. It lasts 10-12 hrs overnight, and the physical challenge is moderate to hard.The Urban challenge happens parallel to the anomaly, and runs 4-5 hours. It is light to moderate on the physical scale, and just about anyone can do this one. The third challenge is Operation: Clear Field. This event blends Ingress, community service, and GORUCK fun into the perfect event for anyone. There is no weight to carry around like the other challenges, and I say if you can complete a Mission Day on foot, you can do OCF just fine.

*In how many GORUCK Events have you taken part and why?
I’ve done several GORUCK Light events, GORUCK Urban in New Orleans, two Constellation events, several informal events at GORUCK HQ, and shadowed a GORUCK Stealth in Toronto. I’m hoping to do my first Stealth in Berlin next month. As to why… the first one, I was challenged by Big Daddy, the senior director. I was going back and forth about attempting an event, and really admired GORUCK for their physical fitness and wanted to get in shape myself. He basically didn’t let me say no, so I signed up and dragged along my significant other. We ended up spending our first anniversary rucking, and now he’s as addicted to it as I am.

As to why do I continue, as I said before, I learn something new about myself each time. It’s challenging, and painful the next day, but also the most amazing sense of achievement and self-awareness. You also meet some really good people doing it, and that bond is strong.

You have a lot of experience regarding Ingress and the work “behind the scenes”. Which element of the game is the most fun to play for you?
I love traveling and new adventures. Ingress gives me an excuse to drop everything and just go. I traveled before Ingress as well, but sometimes you just need something to give you the final push to move and say ‘yes’.

Is there another player you see as a role model ? If yes: why?
A lot of players I see today give me the inspiration to stay in the game and work harder. We all get frustrated with those who play outside the lines while we try to stay legitimate and still create amazing things within the world that was given to us by Hanke and staff. But the spirit of the players I’ve met who continue to create and expand this game beyond anything it was ever meant to be really inspire me to be more as a player and as a person. This is the same kind of attitude I see within GORUCK as well, and I’m really proud to be a part of their company.

Imagine you could add a new function to Ingress. What would you ask Niantic for?
Full 3D integration, elevation.. imagine throwing fields in 3D from different planes. I would love to see the game evolve to something like this.

In conclusion: What advice would you give to new players?
Take what you can from the game. Embrace the things you love about it and reject the things you don’t. If you get tired of one aspect, go to another. There’s so much here that can keep you busy and integrated into the community. Don’t let spoilers ruin your passion or stop you from reaching your goals. Work hard and you will be rewarded.

Thank you very much Ruth. We enjoyed the interview and we wish you all the best for the future.


Next Ingress GORUCK events:

GORUCK homepage:

***** Spanish Version *******

RGNN: Hola Ruth. Gracias por tomarte el tiempo para esta breve entrevista. Comenzamos con una pregunta que la mayoría de los agentes conocen. ¿Tu nombre de agente tiene algún significado especial? Si lo tiene, ¿cuál es?
Ningún significado especial, realmente. Este era un juego de "agentes secretos", así que quería un número al final de mi nombre ya que soy fan de Get Smart, pero todos los obvios ya estaban usados... Agent99, por ejemplo. En ese momento, fue una combinación de que me gustaba el número 5, y mi celular no era capaz de entender mi nombre 'Ruth'. Me llamaba Rio. Los combiné para formar Rio5.

*¿Cuándo comenzaste a jugar Ingress y cómo descubriste el juego? ¿En qué ciudad juegas normalmente?
En principio descubrí Ingress en noviembre de 2012, cuando me topé con la página de Niantic Project gracias a la popularidad en incremento de los ARGs. Ya había completado algunos pocos juegos online y necesitaba más. Entonces, apareció en xkcd en diciembre, recién había comprado mi primer celular Android, y comencé a obsesionarme. Finalmente el 2 de enero recibí mi código de invitación. Jugué en Jacksonville, Florida por 4 años y hace poco me mudé a Toronto, Ontario este año.

¿Qué te atrae a Ingress?
Al principio era la competencia, pero la construcción de la comunidad es lo que realmente me atrajo para el largo plazo. El juego era nuevo, fresco y emocionante, y estábamos construyendo nuestro propio camino. En ese momento, todo era algo que no se había intentado antes, e incluso ahora, hay nuevas formas de experimentar Ingress ya sea a través de tu comunidad local, anomalías globales, o asociaciones como GORUCK.

Recientemente te convertiste en Ingress Community Manager para GORUCK. ¿Podrías por favor describir qué es GORUCK y cuál es tu nuevo rol?
GORUCK realiza eventos de fitness y hace algunos de los equipamientos más duros en el mundo. Cuando te esfuerzas por ser el mejor en algo, la calidad realmente se muestra en el producto final, y me gusta eso. Sus mochilas son un magnífico reflejo de su pasión por su arte, y sus eventos realmente me enseñaron algo acerca de mí mismo y como ser una mejor persona en general.

GORUCK es una compañía que me cautivó cuando escuché por primera vez acerca de su asociación con Ingress. Me gustó la idea del trabajo en equipo y de desafiarse a uno mismo de una forma distinta. Al conocer al staff, su pasión era contagiosa, y amo rodearme con esa clase de gente. Estaba entusiasmada cuando ellos realmente quisieron aprender sobre Ingress, e integrarlo en sus eventos, por lo que concurrí a reuniones con ellos para enseñarles sobre lo que realmente a los jugadores les importa. Cuando me invitaron a ayudar a diseñar Operation: Clear Field esta primavera, salté a la oportunidad de unir Ingress con el servicio a la comunidad. Luego de eso, había una necesidad de un Ingress Community Manager y me invitaron a tomar ese rol. Mayormente, estoy aquí para conectar a los jugadores de Ingress y a la compañía, y facilitar cuestiones como cargar las medallas, parches por niveles, lo que sea que se necesite dentro del mundo Ingress. Soy la puerta abierta a GORUCK, y los jugadores pueden acudir a mi con problemas o sugerencias.

En Europa es un tema controversial. ¿Qué dirías para hacerlo más positivo? ¿Por qué GORUCK está relacionado a Ingress?
GORUCK e Ingress nos animan a ser más de lo que ya somos, creo que ambos requieren algo más de nosotros. Pero, es un desafío que tenemos que reconocer y aceptar. Comparo el registrarse a un evento de GORUCK con tomar un proyecto de fields. Vamos a toparnos con obstáculos y con mucha gente con diferentes personalidades, pero todos estamos trabajando en torno a un objetivo: la meta final. Al final, todos seremos mejores por ello, y vamos a haber aprendido algo sobre nosotros y nuestros compañeros. Ingress y GORUCK tienen algo para enseñarnos sobre la vida en este sentido.

Me doy cuenta que GORUCK puede ser controversial en algunas partes de Europa, principalmente por las miradas anti-militaristas, y eso es algo que entiendo y acepto. No quiero cambiar la visión de nadie, lo respeto. Pero GORUCK es sobre algo muy distinto a lo que se percibe. Si crees que te estás anotando a tener un sargento gritándote, eso no va a ocurrir. Pero si quieres aprender sobre liderazgo, desafiarte a tí mismo y superar obstáculos en la vida estés solo o con un equipo, vas a tener una gran experiencia. Hay algo muy profundo sobre desafiarte en uno de estos eventos y aprender a no darte por vencido. Me hallo entre lágrimas al final de cada uno, con nuevas fortalezas y lecciones aprendidas que puedo aplicar en otras áreas de mi vida. Animo a todos a darle una chance.

Muchos agentes temen asistir por los precios elevados. ¿Cómo los convencerías para que sean parte?
Creo que si realmente quieren hacerlo, siempre hay una manera. Yo pienso de forma un poco diferente a los demás - Valoro las experiencias y lecciones de vida sobre las posesiones materiales, por lo que pongo las nuevas experiencias como prioridad, económicamente. Encuentra un agente que te apoye, un cupón de descuento para eventos de GORUCK (siempre están dando vueltas en algún lugar), renuncia a tu café latte por unas semanas. Creo que estarás contento de haberlo hecho.

GORUCK está organizando diferentes eventos. ¿Puedes explicar las diferencias?
Actualmente tenemos tres eventos Ingress siendo realizados. El primero es el desafío GORUCK Stealth. Este es hasta ahora el más duro dentro de Ingress. Dura entre 10 y 12 horas durante la noche, y el reto físico es moderado a fuerte. El desafío Urban ocurre en paralelo a la anomalía, y dura entre 4 y 5 horas. Es de liviano a moderado en la escala física, y prácticamente cualquier persona puede llevarlo a cabo. El tercero es Operation: Clear Field. Este evento combina Ingress, servicio a la comunidad y entretenimiento GORUCK para un evento perfecto para cualquier persona. No hay ningún peso que cargar, como en los otros desafíos, y yo digo que si puedes completar un Mission Day a pie, puedes hacer OCF sin problema.

¿En cuántos eventos GORUCK has participado y por qué?
He hecho varios GORUCK Light, GORUCK Urban en New Orleans, dos eventos Constellations, varios eventos informales en GORUCK HQ, y acompañé un GORUCK Stealth en Toronto. Espero hacer mi primer Stealth en Berlín el mes que viene. Sobre el por qué... El primero, fui desafiada por Big Daddy, el director senior. Estaba dudando si intentar algún evento, y realmente admiraba GORUCK por su condición física y yo misma quería estar en buen estado. Básicamente no me dejó decir que no, así que me anoté y arrastré conmigo a mi pareja. Terminamos pasando nuestro primer aniversario haciendo rucking, y ahora es tan adicto a ello como yo.

Sobre por qué continúo, como dije anteriormente, aprendo algo de mí cada vez. Es desafiante, y doloroso al día siguiente, pero también es el más asombroso sentimiento de éxito y autoconciencia. También conoces muy buena gente haciéndolo, y esa conexión es fuerte.

Tienes mucha experiencia en lo que respecta a Ingress y el trabajo "detrás de escena". ¿Qué elemento del juego te parece el más divertido de jugar?
Amo viajar y las nuevas aventuras. Ingress me da una excusa para soltar todo y simplemente irme. Viajaba antes de Ingress también, pero a veces sólo necesitas algo que te brinde el empujón final para moverte y decir "sí".

¿Hay algún otro jugador que tengas como ejemplo? ¿Por qué?
Muchos agentes que veo actualmente me dan la inspiración para permanecer en el juego y trabajar más duro. Todos nos frustramos con aquellos que juegan por fuera de las reglas mientras intentamos ser legítimos y así todavía crear cosas maravillosas dentro del mundo que Hanke y su equipo nos dieron. Pero el espíritu de los agentes que conocí y continúan creando y expandiendo este juego más allá de lo que alguna vez se propuso ser, realmente me inspira a ser más como jugadora y como persona. Esta es la misma actitud que veo dentro de GORUCK, y estoy verdaderamente orgullosa de ser parte de su compañía.

Imagina que puedes añadir una nueva función a Ingress. ¿Qué le pedirías a Niantic?
Integración 3D por completo, elevación... Imagina establecer campos en 3D desde diferentes planos. Me encantaría ver el juego evolucionar en algo así.

Finalmente: ¿Qué consejo le darías a los nuevos jugadores?
Toma lo que puedas del juego. Conserva las cosas que amas de él y rechaza las que no. Si te cansa algún aspecto, busca otro. Hay tanto aquí para mantenerte ocupado e integrado a la comunidad. No dejes que otros arruinen tu pasión o te detengan por conseguir tus objetivos. Trabaja duro y serás recompensado.

Muchas gracias Ruth. Disfrutamos la entrevista y te deseamos todo lo mejor para el futuro.


Siguientes eventos Ingress GORUCK:


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又一款高速衝2000 個Control Field 的方法. 不過呢, 有好多條件限制

1. 要有足夠的Portal , 分佈要對, 其實係可遇不可求 ....
2. 要有足夠的key (乜唔係每人得2000 個物件空間嗎? 當然可以邊hack 邊拉既)
3. 要同對家及自家人關係良好, 講掂數先得呀, 否則有人干擾你, 就前功盡癈啦 ...
EXO5 2000 Fields

10 hours of farming
4,5 hours of linking
2000 fields in one night

Making small fields in ingress isn't really my thing. I usually like destroy farms, join bigfield OPs and go to anomalies. But when EXO5 Controller challenge was announced I decided to make 2000 fields as quick as possible and be done with that.
I've seen lots of fieldfarms from #Babysquad before, so I draw up one for myself. With Leuvehaven and Blaak as my baselanes, in the middle of Rotterdam. The area around my school.
So I started farming keys, I needed 1200 keys. I farmed before and after school every day. Cycling a circle of about 10 minutes. 5 minutes of farming, 5 minutes of recycling while walking back.

Fielding Day
Last keys were farmed. Baselane was set up 5 minutes before the start of the challenge. Fiew, just in time.
So I started fielding. Linking all portals in sequence and then flip. Continue to the next portal and start all over. I had 11 portals from which I could link all portals. It took me about 50 minutes to field from all portals. So 10 minutes rest to wait for the portal to not be immune.
After three runs of fielding from all portals I noticed something was not adding up. I looked at the keys in my inventory and saw that I still had 50 keys from one portal. Crap, forgot that portal in my linkplan for the baselane. Missing out on 2 fields per build. Still got 23 links and 42 fields every run. I had farmed extra keys so I had just enough.
While fielding I received messages from players noticing my comm spamming with all link actions. Thx for the support guys!
4,5 hours later it happened: "Medal Earned: EXO5 Controller". It was 6:30AM, I fielded all night. Time to go home....

Special thanks to:
+Sebas C for donating ADA's and SBUL
+Michel for donating SBUL
+Lion Van Koppenhagen for not taking down my fields. As he was fielding at the same time from Noordereiland (Only 1km away)
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Thanks +Ingress for #EXO5 Challenge. I had the plan already for long time, just needed little adjusting..

Total time to complete: 3 hours 28 minutes
AP Gained: 3,095,669
Control Fields created: 2115
Links created: 1170
Distance walked: 14km
Keys used: 934
Mind Units captured: 82,457
Pokemons caught: 47

Thanks to +Maksim Moskalenko for intel
Thanks to the excellent ENL cleaning team, saved me few dozens of Jarvises ;)

P.S. Can you please fix the profile sharing issue? It's too much rows in profile screen, something to do with graphics buffer. Support issues #105270, #15572 #515102. Exo5 and OPR stats just broke it completely :(
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