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Ummmm hey. Im new here... Here is my story Ticking Clocks. I wrote it awhile ago and put it on facebook but here it is.

Tick Tick Tick. I open my eyes. It’s dark. I am in a bed. There is something on my leg. Where am I? What am I doing here? WHO AM I? Thousands of questions fly through my head. I hold my hands up to my face. It is so dark that I can’t see them. What am I to do about this? What do I know? Well, I know I’m human... and I’m pretty sure I’m a girl. How old am I? Now that I have no clue… but it doesn’t matter. The current pressing matter is that I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THE FUDGE I AM! I suppose I might as well just wait until daylight... wherever I am there is a bed and a ticking clock that I can be sure of... That and the fact that I can’t seem to be able to open my mouth. It hurts to even try. Tick tick tick the hours go by... it HAS to have been hours but what if it’s only been minutes? What if it’s already daytime and I’m simply in a dark room with no windows... What if I have been kidnapped and knocked upside the head hard enough to have gained amnesia??? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE????????? Tick tick tick tick. I should scream and yell. Yes that’s what I’ll do! Im trying but... My mouth it won’t open searing pain oh god it HURTS! I bring my hand up and touch where my mouth should be... It’s still there but there’s thread over it like... like my mouth has been SEWN shut... I try to open it again and now I can feel the pain wore and one of the stitches... it tore out of place there’s blood down my chin now. I can feel it. Oh god what’s going on? I’m tired...... I think I’ll sleep...
Tick tick tick tick tick tick... I open my eyes.... There is a small light hanging from the ceiling. I can see where I am now. I am in a room with a bare floor and yellowed walls. There are stains on the walls dark reddish brown stains. I am in danger. I run my hand through my hair. Ouch. It’s tangled in one of my braids. I have to pee. There is a bucket in the corner. I walk over and sit on it... This is just sad. 
Tick tick tick. The clock on the wall to the left of this bed is annoying. It just hangs there going tick tick tick tick all day long. I still don’t know anything and frankly I don’t think I’m ever going to get an answer. I’m hungry. There is a big rat in the corner staring at me. No one has to know right?
Tick tick tick tick. I’m starting to have memories. Nice ones of a man and a woman and a little boy and a girl who can only be me. My name is Clarysia. Yes that is my name. But a name is on no use in a world without people isn’t it? What is going to happen to me? Those dark stains on the wall sure look suspicious. My dark hair is starting to mat and my skin color seems to fade. I got thirsty days ago and I had to do something very gross to help it. Very gross indeed… Also I’ve been clawing at the stitches on my mouth… my face is covered in blood. So is the white dress I’ve been wearing but the stitches are almost off.
Tick tick tick tick tick. The light went out. And a door opened soon after. I don’t see what’s in this room with me but I can hear it breathing. I don’t like this. What will happen to Tyrone after it leaves? Surely It won’t leave me here alive... The breathing is getting closer. I can smell its breath now. Like copper pennies and rotten eggs. I finally got the stitches off...

Anyone here?

Sleep Tight

As I my in my bed, paralyzed, silently reeling in terror, the darkness around me thickened. It shrouded me in an iron grip so intense it threatened to choke me with every long second that passed. I tried to move, but I couldnt. I was frozen in place like an insect preserved in amber. I tried to scream for help, but all that escaped my lips were noiseless mouse-like squeaks. I was incapable of doing anything that might save my life. Around me, the silence grew so devilishly quiet I couldve sworn that something was covering my ears. I say something because no human could envoke this much terror on someone, let alone leave them incapable of moving or speaking at all. And no human could crawl on the ceiling as fast as that thing did. It moved like a shadow, only seen when it needs to be seen, just in sight long enough to leave someone paralyzed in fear. Like myself. I didnt know what it wanted from me, and I didnt have the strength to ask. I couldnt if I wanted to. I was sure it was going to kill me. I could see the glisten of razor sharp talons as the thin stream of light coming from my window landed on the creature. Thats all it wanted to show me. The first time. The second time it came across my vision, I noticed its jagged, uneven teeth made out of broken slices of metal sliding. They were stained with blood. The third time it let me see its disgusting features, it got a look at its eyes, rather, its eye sockets. They were hollow and unforgiving, I dont know how the things could see, but its hollow, empty, souless sockets locked on me, looked into my very soul. I almost screamed in horror, but I couldnt. The last time i saw it, it came not three inches from my face. I couldnt look away. All I could do is stare back into those hollow, evil eyes. It then said something in an unidentifiable language, and I felt the comfortable feeling of black.

When I awoke from my dreamless slumber, I was standing in my kitchen clutching a knife that was glistening with fresh blood and the smell of iron. I looked around and saw that everything was covered in the color red. Not blood, Like a red slate had been cast across my vision. I wasnt frightened or scared at this realization, I was just...there. I just...existed. I had no feeling at that point.

I walked out of my kitchen and into my son and daughters room. My son had been ripped apart, his limbs and organs neatly arranged around his severed head, pools of blood surrounding him. His intestines were wrapped around my daughters throat, who was hanging from the ceiling. Her hair had been ripped strand by strand from her skull, and was stuffed into her mouth. Her eyes had been scooped out of their sockets, leaving hollow holes in place. Just like that creature. She was covered in blood. Completely drenched in it. It was dripping from her legs onto the floor, where a puddle of crimson had formed. Again, I didnt feel anything. I just felt like I only existed. I continued until I reached my room, which was covered in bloody handprints. My handprints. I tossed the knife to the side and flopped on my bed. I wasntt tired. I wasnt hungry. I wasnt happy, or sad, or shocked, or...anything. I needed something to do, so I called the polic.

Hello, police department. What is your emergency?

I killed my kids.

I hung up and waited for the siren.

Im in jail right now. Life without parole. But I wont be in here long. He is coming tonight. And he will get me out of here. I snuck my kitchen knife in when I was arrested. And when I am unable to move or speak in my little jail bed tonight, Ill know hes here. And when I see him, Ill smile, hell smile, and together we will sneak up on the guard patrolling the night shift. Until then, I will look around and see red, and I will feel like Im just existing, and that will be okay. Because when I get out, Im coming for you. So I hope the night I come you will be in a comfortable position, because youll have to stay that way as I show you my razor sharp talons and whisper to you as you look in my hollow eye sockets. 
Sleep tight.

I cant make a doc cuz of my shit phone, but could i like, paste it here?

Im brand new here. But ive already written one. Where would i put it?

The Story of the banshee.
One Restless night in Kings island seeked a Lady That got off the beast, She heard a Ghost noise. It entered her body before she moved, she jumped off somewhere and died, Legend has it that she still haunts Kings island.

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