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// If anybody wants to do this I'm downnnn~
// This is a kidnapping and rape roleplay starter! If anything like that triggers you, please, proceed with caution. You may chose one, two or all of the girls to kidnap! The youngest can be between 3 and 12, the sister between 13 and 18, and the mom at any age you like. Chose within those age ranges. ^^ I only ask you don't use text talk and do more then one line, please~

You've been observing me from afar for a couple of months by now. You were obsessed with everything about me- my cute laugh, my little breasts, my sweet eyes... everything. Though I was unaware of your stalking, I always felt like someone was watching me somehow. Tonight I'm going to a grill with my mom out in the park- it'll be late at night, and so you could easily snatch me up with so many people around. You might even take my mother, who knows. You see me arrive to the crowded park in a cute pink dress, my mother is in a pink and red suit jacket with jeans and my older sister is just in a white tank top with some shorts and a blue popsicle in her mouth. You hadn't seen her before... maybe you'll take her, too.
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I hope you like it

Zachary the Ilusionist: come and see the wonder !!
A truck was driving across this little town, announcing the amazing show, of a magician, who was very famous for his illusions, and very popular for his outstanding assistant, he was good looking as well, both of them were a hit and now there were touring around the country

- Nothing special but it gonna pay good
Said the big Z as his caravan and company, get into town in a colorful parade to make a good first impresion, but for he it was just a regular job, the fun was backstage, that cute little assistant was the object of entertainment of the magician

Zachary was a orphan who learn life the hard way, until he discover magic, and how useful this is to trick people up, so to be sneaky and disrespectfull was normal for he, on stage he was a elegant gentleman who make any girl fall for him with one smile

On the other hand we have our little Becky, or Rebecca, she was a little girl when she saw her first magic show, with those tricks, and ilusions that make any child amazed, but, back then she took the the idea of being a cute assistant, with flashy outfits, and helping to do magic; looking so pretty next to a magician sounded fun at that age.

She grew like any other child, and finally at her twenties, she could make her wish come true, as she first meet Zachary, in one of his shows, she get into backstage, to walk to him, she xplain this little dream of she. And he, after thinking about it, he accept her as his assistant, but she was never expecting anything of what came afterwards

he had this particularity, in where he enjoys to subdued his assistants, each and every one of the girls before Becky went thru that torture, submission, humilliation,and domination, that "the big Z" made the girls go thru

3 years passed and now Becky was well trained

the seats were full, kids, and grown ups enjoyed the magic show, kid were amazed, women went crazy for Zachary, and mens couldn´t take the eyes off Becky, her stunishing figure, was well drawn by her bunny costume, letting see her well toned and her long legs under a little skirt and covered in a fishnet stockings, with a pair of red stillettos, a great red corsé who gently wrap her breasts,and her little bowtie, were all part of the act to get people distracted of what was really happening with the tricks

at the end everyone go to their dressing room, except for Zachary he went where becky was, Zachary, as he locked the door , and with a big smile said to Becky

It´s showtime!

((male needed to be rough , it´s hentai, with bdsm))
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Descriptive submissive female needed. 7+ lines
Must be okay with severe teasing and being teased, anal, bdsm, possible MasterxSlave relationship. If you want to add kinks to this we can talk it over
No Scat, Vore, Piss,
Also I would appreciate it if you could help me world build with this but it is not truly necessary
If you want to use ask, if given permission please don't post it in the same communities it is already in
I was a scientist on the cutting edge of string theory and multiverse theory, testing the boundaries of our universe as much as I could. I had even built a machine that could theoretically make a portal to another world. The I could never get it to work in real life as nothing could generate enough power for it to punch through the dimensions. I continued to work on it but slowly was losing funding for my project.

I was in my lab late at night as I continued to try and get the machine working, making small additions to try and have the machine take less power to activate. What I hadn't realized was that there was the storm of the century happening outside the lab. Lighting forks were coming down from the sky, hitting the ground and causing small fires that were quickly put out from the rain

I had just finished putting some parts on the machine before lightning struck the building, forcing power into the machine and finally being enough to punch the hole through. It was barely stable and so I turned on my phone, recording this moment and then setting it on the table before walking through and meeting a new world.

The first thing I noticed was that the air seemed sweet and for some reason even more uplifting and energizing. There were trees and grass looking slightly ocean green in color before my hands began to feel hot. Looking down I saw they were on fire and quickly thought of them going back to normal. Suddenly the flames were gone and I smirked. I began to experiment finding i could create food from the air and many more things. Over the next few weeks I discovered I had what seemed like magic at my finger tips. After I had finished my experiments I then walked toward the nearest town, unsure of what to expect

I walked in and noted that there was a mix of races such as regular human, what seemed to be fantasy elves and centaurs. Not to mention demons and angels as well dressed as most people would. However now and again some people were very scantily clad and almost seemed to enjoy the teasing they were doing. I was about to walk through the town when an elvish woman stopped in front of me and smirked before asking in a light tone as my eyes traveled her body You seem new around here...Why don't we go back to my place and have a bit of fun?

She then pulled on the side of her thong, displaying it to me before then grinning as I nodded. She then took my hand and led me along in the streets before taking me to a back alley and grabbing my neck. She began to rifle through my pockets but didn't seem to find anything of value. As she was about to let go I grabbed her wrist and used some of my magic to increase my strength to beat hers. I then held her back and said in a light tone You picked the wrong person to try and rob... But I think you will soon find that out...

(Start here with your reaction)

Looking for a chastity slave. Male or female!
-no text talk
-must be descriptive
-not interested in a fighter.

Owners, ill buy your slave off of you!

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You were a alien far more advance then any human or other species have seen. I I was a human exploring galaxies far wide Then you could ever imagine. I came across your planet and decided to explore but before I knew it there was already a ship holding mine as hostage. I try to escape but the ship had mine in some kind of laser that wouldn't let me escape. I get knocked out after they enter and i wake up in a cell not knowing where or how I got here then i see you the you were the princess but I didnt know that w-who are you. Y/n thats none of your business but for now your gonna be my slave...

1. Must be Dom or could be Dom/sub
2. More then three lines
3. Females only
4. Dont steal my rps ask me and if i say yes you must give me credit for the rp
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Any ladies want to roleplay with me

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I didn't know were to put this
I was a young boy born into a world where 75% of all people were girls. As such I was pampered and spoiled rotten all my life by everyone around me. When I reached 13 I was told to come to the government medical center in town for a special physical. My Mommy dropped me off saying she loved me and good luck and if I do well I'll get anything I want even a new game system if I wanted. I walked into the facility excited what a deal! I just gotta do well in my exam and I get anything I want? Talk about a steal!! But what I didn't know is that since there was so few males the government implemented a mandatory breeding program that stated boys age 13-18 must go to a facility every week to have sex and impregnate other girls! I had no idea what was about to happen as I look up at a nurse "H-Hello? I'm Akira. I was told that I had a physical today?"

(( Female needed to play~!! Please be descriptive~!!!!
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Peace was a ordinary highschool student. She had light brown Sandy hair and green eyes. Her body was small and so was her body size. She was more into Reading and writing then she was into sports. This made her muscles a bit weaker. Her friends had dared her one night to go into a old abandoned school. It was a stupid prank about it being haunted and there where two boys who were waiting to scare her. It was all fun and games but the building itself didn't really scare her and she didn't believe in it being haunted.
So one day, weeks later, she packed up a backpack of books and snack items and water bottle and her laptop, and proceeded to let herself into the abandoned school. It was quiet but not as dusty as she expected. She began to tour the place, except one classroom that was some how locked. The kitchen was clean and she thought that was unusual. But she didn't really care.
she found a quiet alcove of the old library and snuggled herself in one of the overstuffed seats. She was amazed that no one had bothered cleaning out the place. Some important things like the computer workstations had been taken but the books left. The projectors where taken. She sat for hours there. Come about five in the afternoon, she got up to go. But found the library doors locked. Confused, she kept trying to get out. They certainly hadn't been locked when she had come in. She felt her heart racing AMD pulled out her cellphone. But she couldn't get any service here to try and get help, since the school was in a remote country area away from towers or anything. She began to pound on the door. help! Any one?!

(I'd like for the other character to be a male who can over power and enslave her. Must be creative with the abandoned schools equipment and surroundings. Must be creative in ways to make her submit and to subdue. I will be difficult and bring every way now know how to help peace escape so you must be able to keep her, otherwise the roleplay police will be there and arrest your character.)
(Must be descriptive, no text talk. Use your imagination and put in real effort. Otherwise I will drop the roleplay so fast you won't know what happened.)

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Descriptive female needed with 4+ line response. You can be submissive or dominant but roleplay with include public play, severe teasing from both parties, and most other fetishes we would care to include
Fetishes that are not to be included. Watersports/piss. Scat, gore, torture, voyeurism
Females height in this roleplay will be four foot five inches. My characters height will be six foot two inches
Do not use this roleplay for yourself without permission

I looked at my short girlfriend in her costume, seeing her missing a bit of her clothes and smiling a little before shaking my head. She had gone all out once again, making prosthetic ears and even getting piercings for them before adding a bit of weight onto her. Though in my eyes it was all amazing since it went straight to her chest, ass, and thighs making her even more of a sexy vixen. I got into my own costume, putting on a long overcoat with a multitude of pockets and grabbing the staff I had carved myself to look like a professional had done it. When it was all said and done I looked like a wizard of the 21st century, wearing a few chains with intricate designs and a pentacle around my neck.

I then waited for her to finish getting dressed, knowing she might have been distracted as normally it only took a few minutes instead of the thirty she had been in the room for. I got off the couch and walked over to the door knocking gently on it and saying Come beautiful. If you dont hurry up a bit we will be stuck int he longest line in history... I didn't hear anything and I sighed before opening the door and looking seeing her smiling at herself in the mirror. I stopped and bit my lip as the sight turned me on something fierce, seeing her barely ass and chest practically hanging out of her shirt.

She looked back at me with her cheeky smile I so loved and a peace sign before then saying with a bit of fun in her tone

(Please start here.

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I am a young boy who was taken off the streets by an organization called blackwatch which was a evil group of enhanced or high tech soldiers meant to destroy the organization of overwatch who were formed to protect the innocent and I always looked up to them....well that was until I was taken by blackwatch. Reaper took me and tortured me for about three years trying to make me the most powerful super soldier there is and succeeded made me be able to turn into a being who controls darkness and wields impossible strength and speed but the process led me to fearing the dark and keeping the mentality of a child. The agents of blackwatch would usually pay no attention to me although reaper sends me on missions except I usually fail so he then punishes me for an hour which happens about every day. One day he takes me on a mission with the team but we are intercepted by overwatch causing us to get overwhelmed and retreat. Me and reaper run and get trapped in a dead end where reaper slaps me to the floor and turns into shadowy mist flowing up the building beside us and escapes. Reinhardt finds me in the alley and each step he takes leaves a heavy footprint in the ground. He reaches down and grabs my throat as I cry then presses his pistol up to my chin seeing me as an agent of blackwatch so I need to die. You (tracer) see what's happening and go to stop him

(Foot fetish must be allowed and I play the males while you play the females. No ocs. Listed below are the characters you play in order of the pictures plus their abilities and personalities. If you have any questions just ask)

Symmetra: Symmetra is obsessed with order, believing that it's the key for a perfect society. She also has an obsession for reality, claiming it to be her playground. She strives to make the world a better place, having a soft side for the innocent and hoping that Vishkar will succeed in improving things for the people. However, she sometimes doubts if her company actually does the right thing. Symmetra prefers to work as a lone agent rather than in a group, possibly since she has spent most of her childhood alone. She also criticizes freedom, thinking of it as an illusion that harms more than helps, as shown by her conversations with Lúcio.
Symmetra is on the autism spectrum. It was implied in her words, which she stated it used to "bother her" when people would ask where she "fit on the spectrum". Furthermore she appears to have what could be described as obsessive-compulsive disorder, namely her preoccupation with "perfection", such as when she can't resist fixing a crooked picture or how she notices the perfection of a child's face.

Abilities: fires a homing, short range beam and can create a automatic turret and able to create holographic images.

Mercy:Hence her code name, Mercy is an adamant pacifist that always wishes to avoid violent approaches whenever possible. She is very kind and gentle, consistently caring for the well being of the sick and injured. She also loves peace and quiet, taking the time to treasure those moments before a mission begins. While she is devoted to Overwatch, Mercy opposes its militaristic methods when it comes to global crises. She also believes that it's best for it to be kept shutdown.

Abilities: personal side arm used only for emergence self defence and blasts a healing ray from her staff and flies with her wings

Ana: Ana possesses a strong sense of responsibility, always leaving it to herself to heal her teammates. She is a very caring person, frequently commenting at how good her former comrades of Overwatch are looking as well as sharing her concern for them. She also believes that nothing is more important than protecting loved ones and always hoped that her daughter, Pharah, would follow in her footsteps. While she is usually positive, Ana isn't afraid to become fierce whenever people are in danger. She also takes pity for the enemies that she kills in combat, knowing that they had friends and family to go back to.

Abilities: sniper, medic, and hand grenade

Zarya: Zarya is very confident and never doubts her strength, often bragging about being the strongest woman in the world. She is quite competitive when it comes to strength. She praises hard work as well as perseverance and makes references to her training while on the battlefield. She also seems to enjoy making jokes about guns as well as Russia. Zarya seems to have a biased hatred towards omnics, as shown by her voicelines with Zenyatta, Bastion and even Genji, due to the fact that he is part machine. She also shows her disdain against Numbani's policy of omnics and humans living together equally, saying "The humans who live here (in Numbani) are fools to trust the omnics

Abilities: great strength, particle cannon which fires a hundred rounds per minute.

Orisa: orisa appears to be very passionate in providing protection and keeping people safe. She appears to have a defensive nature and sometimes even acts like motherly being. Her attitude sometimes can be viewed as commanding, and it is quite similar to a police officer. Otherwise, she is quite inexperienced, and requires Efi to stay close and prevent her from overstepping the line.

Weapon: minigun arm and electric hammer

Widowmaker: due to her brainwashing, Widowmaker has a malevolent disposition and is very detached from her sentiment. She shows no mercy for her targets no matter who they are and has a love for killing, claiming that it makes her feel alive. She also seems to possess vanity when it comes to her skills and looks. However, it is implied that Widowmaker isn't completely emotionless, as there are bits and pieces of evidence which indicate that her former self is still there somewhere. An example is when she's resurrected by Mercy in-game, she'll sometimes call out for her husband, or lament the fact that she's still alive. She also visited her husband's grave silently around Christmas, implying that she still possesses emotion to some extent, or that the brainwashing is starting to crack.

Equipment: grappling hook and wire, sniper rifle that turns into a automatic weapon, and a visor that allows her to see from different angles all over.

Mei: Mei is very kindhearted and positive, showing compassion for others and having a desire to preserve Earth's ecosystem for generations to come. As a scientist, she is willing to learn new things and is even inspired by Tracer as well as Winston. She also hates bullies, as shown by one of her quotes and an interaction with Junkrat.
At times, Mei appears to be slightly bashful. She is also very apologetic, often saying "Sorry!" when defeating enemies

Tech: freeze gun, hovering not that follows her around and helps

Tracer: tracer is a very energetic and cheeky girl, loving a good joke and giggling during battle. She's often quick witted and displays great affection and even insight towards her friends, such as Winston and Mei. She is extremely fearless and determined, not being afraid to take chances and being enthusiastic about discovering new things and places

Tech: pulse pistols, able to zip through space to the distance of several yards away, able to go a few a few seconds backwards in her timeline but nothing else is effected. But her tech has to recharge if used too much

Sombra: sombra is very deceptive and clever, using her expertise to her advantage at all times. She is very calculating when the circumstances require it, and is also unafraid to manipulate people to get what she wants, as shown in Infiltration where she lies to her allies about failing the mission and even blackmails Katya to her will. In battle, Sombra comes off as cool-headed and unafraid, sometimes smug and cheeky. But even in the middle of a serious mission she still shows herself as a rather playful and whimsical character

Tech: machine pistol, able to hack anything and any tech, has a translocator beacon that allows her to teleport to It from another location

Pharah: pharah is loyal and honorable, holding duty above all else. She's strictly determined willing to keep the peace no matter what. She also has an affinity for jokes and puns, as shown in the in-game voicelines "Fly like an Egyptian" and "Sorry, but I need to jet". However, Pharah is a bit arrogant at times, as she claims to "always get her prey."

Pharah seemed to have a strain relationship with her mother before her death. She had originally thought that Ana would not have been proud of her due to Ana's original strict teaching methods. Nonetheless, even before receiving the letter, Pharah always looked up to Ana with a deep respect, even going as far as getting a tattoo in honor of her mother. She understand the meaning of their tattoos and keep her actions to preserve that purpose. she has learned to preserve both the innocent and her team more generally, and grew even more resolute to follow in her mother's footsteps. She is also a major fan of overwatch team members even having a poster of reinhardt in her room.

Tech: rocket launcher, jump jets, concussion blasts, hover jets, and rocket barrages. D.Va a is a very competent combatant despite her young age, not taking failure as an option and showing no mercy to her adversaries. She possesses an egotistical side, often smack talking opponents during battle. Regardless of her fierce characteristics, D.Va takes pleasure in making her fanbase happy, as shown by cheerfully taking autograph requests from Reinhardt and Lúcio and being quick to thank her audience whenever she defeats an enemy. Being a pro gamer, D.Va loves video games and enjoys making references to them. While on the battlefield, she will use many gaming terms, such as "nerf," "pocket healer," "GG," "AFK," and more. Despite the fact that she is mostly into games produced by Blizzard (for obvious reasons), she is familiar with old arcade ones as well. An example is her calling Winston "a giant gorilla from those old video games," which is a reference to the Donkey Kong arcade game. Gaming is not the only thing D.Va is interested in; she seems to be a fan of Lúcio's music. She also reads Mei's Adventures and seems to be a fan of Mei as well​

Tech: mech: fusion cannons, boosters, eject, and self-destruct.
Out of mech: light gun, able to call her mech
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