I recently got a Fossil Q Explorist Gen 4, and I've tried sleep tracking on it twice, both times I get no movement recording, other than when I wake up (only 'cause I check my phone).

For three days, movement recording from my LG Sports Watch stops after 5h. Hearth rate is still recorded.

My Tasker profiles are not triggered anymore since a couple days ago.
I activated tasker support in settings.

Is three a known bug or do I have to look on my side?

Since the update last night, aka 20181206, the app sleep app crashes when I pause the Sleep Tracking. Of course I sent a bug report. I don't actually pause that very often, so I can live with it for the time being.

Since the update of 22/11, I no longer have the heart rate when recording with my Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. Am I the only one ?

I have a Pebble Smart Watch. It has been working great. I can snooze or dismiss my alarms from my watch. I recently switched from the original Pebble firmware to the Reble firmware now that fitbit bought Pebble and discontinued the Pebble firmware functionality.

Sleep for Android works, but suddenly the "Vibrate" feature on the watch notification alarms doesn't vibrate. I am getting the notifications on the watch, but they don't vibrate, and therefore don't wake me up.

I've gone through all the settings on the Pebble App, the Sleep for Android app, and the Watch Settings and Notifications. So far I can't find anything to set it back to vibrate. Vibrations on the watch work for all the other watch/phone apps, but not for Sleep for Android.

Tiny detail, but my alarm icon is remaining in my status bar since the latest update. I've tried checking and uncheck the option in Misc... I've tried restarting my device, pretty much the only thing I haven't tried yet is uninstalling and reinstalling.

Is anybody synchronizing sleep data with Samsung Health?

It was working very well until yesterday, when the brand new version of S Health has been released.

Now integration of Sleep as Android with S Health has been switched off and cannot be activated again. I get to the permission screen, accept the connection, but then the S Health tick box in Sleep as Android remains unchecked.

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I have been seeing this a lot recently in Sleep Cloud. I had it on awake detection, as I recall. So it shouldn't overlap deep sleep with awake. Right?

I was very tired at that point, but somehow the algorithm interpreted both deep sleep and awake.

I just bought a Pixel 3 XL and am very disappointed to find that sonar sleep tracking is not support. Is this planned? Can anyone guess as to why it is not compatible?
Thanks in advance.
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