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My Mi Band is not waking me up with vibration anymore? Sleep tracking is working. Other vibrations from Mi Band Tools are also fine. Any advise?

Every time Android Wear app updates, SaA is added to blocked app notifications list. Any idea how to avoid that?

It is not possible to Retrieve the IFTTT code by using the buil-in function. Trying to log in using Google Account results in a 403 Error (disallwoed_useragent)

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I'm on the new Samsung GN8 and the wireless charging dock is NOT fast charging at all. Will it hold a full charge overnight in the dock? (I just bought a very thin "night case" for it so I'd l like to know it will maintain the connection through the night.)

If f I put the phone in at, say, 82, will it get to 100% and hold that till morning?

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from 9.9. SaA records sounds very badly, see screenshot :/ I am doing something wrong?
Thank you in advance for your reply.

My deviace: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, rom RR Nougat

Just wondering if the option for device vibration for anti-snoring is fully supported on the Gear S3? When I set it, my device won't vibrate as expected.

Is there any way to delete my recorded history and start fresh?

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I noticed the other day that developers had come up with a couple of ways to import Sleep Bot data. Now, that's terrific for those who had used Sleep Bot and have their orphaned records in need of Sleep As Android history.

I never really used it because every time I tried to use it, it really had NO idea if I was asleep or awake. I faked it out time after time. Unfortunately, there is another app that hasn't updated since 2015 that I want to work with Sleep As Android, especially in terms of data interpretation in the future. It will only IMPORT Sleep Bot data, as well as Gentle Alarm, which now is utterly unreliable. I uninstalled the latter. (Sadly, the developer was injured in an accident so that's why.) I would like it to import Sleep As Android data, but I don't see that happening.

I reinstalled this app because the Note 8 will soon be at my front door with plenty of wide open space for apps. And I started using it again. I wish there were some way to link them through exporting data to be analyzed.

The app I would like Sleep As Android to export nightly records to is called Sleepmeter; it's a unique digital sleep diary built on a solid rock of almost infinite statistical analysis and customization. There's nothing else like it. It would make a nice companion for SaA because it does not do actiography or any other type of automatic tracking. But the scripts from Sleep Bot to Sleep as Android don't seem like they would export SaA data to Sleepmeter, because they import, not export. I don't have the coding skills to give it a go myself. Anyway, many thanks for the scripts that directly communicate with the two sleep apps. There must be a way to use SaA data from Sleep Cloud so one needn't push two buttons every night. When you review the events of your day like this, it gives you a much deeper and detailed look at your life over a period of time.

The only other way would be a bit of re-engineering on your part to allow for this kind of deep and wide analysis. I mean, if he quite literally has "gone fishing," well, that's the Internet.

I would ask that you download it and be amazed.

Hi everyone, Beta 20170908 brings out new neural network based noise recording classification. In addition to snoring we are able to recognize talking (aimed at sleep talk), coughing and sneezing (aimed at sickness detection) and baby cry..

We would really like to know your feedback on this new feature. Many thanks for testing and providing feedback..

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