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• FULL HD 1920 ×1080
• No plugins required
• Easy to customized
• 20 Text Placeholders
• 27 Images Placeholders
• Fast Render Time 
• Help File and Video Tutorial Incluided

Do you know what... I like FCP X and I am no longer going to be slightly nervous or ashamed of saying that it is my choice of editing suite when talking to other industry pros.

Hi, I am planing on getting a video camera to shoot some relatively short promo videos for my company. Any good suggestions for a good camera to buy? I have mainly worked in still photography at work so I am not up to all the latest video technology.

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Who wants to help me out with a daft encoding issue?

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Merry Christmas!

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I am new to Final Cut Pro X  and Was wondering f anyone can take a look at one of my edits and tell me how well I am doing.. an outside eye would be of great help and appreciated


I just recently got a MacBook Pro that supported Final Cut X and I was wondering is there any good add ons ie filters for FCPX that would give me the reel to reel super 8mm film look
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