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In case you haven't heard me talking about it yet, I am going to be on national television!

My team ChaosCorps with our robots Bombshell and Short Fuse will be on BattleBots starting Thursday June 23rd at 8pm on ABC.
Tune in and witness the destruction! It's going to be an awesome show!

More details available at:

Our team website:

And Facebook:

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Our good friend Barry Snyder on TV.

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Sometimes life gets complicated.


I have a project coming up intern for once, and I am looking for a 48"x96" table top CNC to cut some foam for a prop. Typically I am in Atlanta or Nashville and work with a Staging company using theirs...we don't have one of those here and I've been trying to get out to visit the Chatt*lab maker space. The project is needed 10/14 and I would need it before 10/10 so I can haricot the foam and paint. Is there any availability? I am happy to join and get a membership.

I may be away from a computer so if anyone from the space could call me that would be awesome.


Start Parrott 423-443-8737

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Tonight I got the new lathe motor wired and tested and slots milled in the mounting plate to accommodate the different mounting footprint. It's all ready for reassembly, but I'm worn out. Maybe I can finish up next week.

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Design for an adjustable standing desk add-on.  looking forward to cncing it in the next few days n see how it works irl  :)
Yay Chatt*lab!!!

I'm assuming my 3D prints are not doing well? First batch worked great and last 2 there's an empty platform and green bits everywhere. Is one in particular getting dragged?

Hey! You guys bringing the bot arena to MakerFaire this year? What weight classes are there, daughter and I want to prepare a few bots.


Hey guys, apologies I've been 3D printing the past few days and left a print job on the platform.  I was sure that I would get back to it today to clean up but never go to it and I'm leaving for Texas tomorrow for the week.

I'll be back next Saturday to clean up, thanks guys!

Did anyone happen to find a box/bag with two Raspberry Pis and some memory cards in the lab? I'm losing my mind ...
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