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just saying GrowlingMammal7 the chief fireman for the Titanic (and he was in boiler room 6 when Titanic collided with the iceberg) was Fredrick Barrett.

Nothing is here yet, I was hoping that this place would be booming during the anniversary of the sinking... anyway this is a place for newly discovered facts so Here's the first: The engines were not thrown into full astern near the time of collision as most people accepted as a fact (Which is now inaccurate), what really happened on the bridge was the engines were put all stop. What backs this up is the fireman supervisor's eyewitness account (he was in boiler room 6 at the time) which states "I saw a red blinking light and I immediately called out Shut all the dampers" if the Titanic was put into full astern the engine room procedure would have stayed the same. And shutting all dampers reduces steam, so they were stopping the ship. Another thing Is that Officer Murdoch on the right bridge wing sighted the iceberg first, what backs this up is Fredrick Fleet's eyewitness account(probably butchered his name cause I haven't used it for a while) which states "as I was ringing the bridge, Titanic was already turning".

Citations to Titanic Honor and Glory.
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