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Hey Trick-Bow fans, I just pushed another update for No Girls Allowed to production! Go check it out.

You'll probably notice more of the changes in this one.

New stuff in version 2.6.0:

Slightly changed the design of some characters.
Adjusted volume levels so it doesn't burst any more eardrums (sorry about that).
Fixed the Facebook sharing so that you actually get the bonus money again, so share away!
Fixed the hang glider so he actually does damage.
More misc. changes that you probably won't notice.

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Hey Trick-Bow fans! I finally just pushed out a new update to No Girls Allowed on Android. Go check it out! Here's a rundown of the updates:

New stuff in 2.5.1:

Stuff you will see:
I read your reviews - I changed the fairy's attack so that it doesn't travel all the way across the stage.
Changed some logic with how it switches to another girl/boy when multiple units were collided.

Stuff you probably won't see:
Updated to latest Facebook SDK.
Changed ads from Admob to Facebook.
Lots of behind the scenes stuff.

Hey testers! I finally have an iOS version of No Girls Allowed up and ready for testing. If you want to be able to test it, just message me your email and I'll get you added to the group of testers

To get started, you'll need to download iTunes Connect and TestFlight from the App Store, then I'll send an invite to your email address.

Thanks guys!

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Hey everyone. I've had a couple of awesome opportunities to check out some new VR tech over the past 2 weeks, and here's a blog post I wrote about it, if you're interested. Try not to be too jelly...

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Hey Android friends!

Help Happy save Christmas in the new game by Trick-Bow Productions!

In Happy Dash, Christmas is in Jeopardy because Rudolph has gone down with an ankle sprain. Now it's up to his brother, Happy, to save Christmas.

Evade snowmen, yetis, and nutcrackers in this intense side-scrolling endless runner. See how many Christmas lights you can collect, and check out where you rank on the Facebook-powered leaderboard.

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Hey community! Just pushed out a beta update.

Here are the changes:

Switched to a new Facebook-powered leaderboard that actually works (Thanks, +Chris Bluemel!).
Added a bunch of sound effects.
Made enemies start generating a few seconds after leaving the cloud world.
Lots of misc. bug fixes.

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Hey community! How would you like to test another great game that's currently in beta?

Rudolph went down with an ankle sprain and it's up to his brother, Happy, to save Christmas! Swipe up, down, or right to avoid snowmen, yetis, and nutcrackers and collect all the Christmas lights you can. Share your score on Facebook and compare yourself with your friends or the rest of the world with the Facebook-powered leaderboard.

For you wonderful people that already helped beta test No Girls Allowed, you're already in. Just click the Happy Dash (beta) link on the side. What are you waiting for!?

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Hey everyone! Big day today - I just posted a Kickstarter project to get funding to finish Kevin vs the Monkeys! Go check it out and pledge if you're interested in getting it funded, and PLEASE share this post with your friends! The pledges range from $1 for a big fat thank you, to $150 to immortalize yourself by creating your own video game character! Or if you want to advertise on, there's a pledge for that, too. The game will be available on Ouya, Android, iOS, Mac, PC, Amazon, and any others that might seem like a good opportunity. I'm also working on a video for it, which I'm hoping to have done either tonight or tomorrow.
Thanks for the support!

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Alright WP8 beta testers - just pushed up the (hopefully) last beta release. Go get the update (in a couple hours) and let me know if you find anything. If not, I'm probably going to upload this version to the public store tonight or tomorrow.

New things:
Made scrolling better for leaderboard.
Got the ads to play nicely.
Got taps/swipes to work better across different screen sizes.

Oh! Also, in-app purchases in the beta version are FREE! Go stock up and dominate! Thanks again for helping me test this thing.

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Just pushed out another update to No Girls Allowed. This one was full of performance improvements. It should work on almost all devices now. Also fixed the bug causing a crash on level 10 on the Galaxy S3.  I also added social media & email to the "About" section in the main menu.  Go check it out!
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