Here's my ideas...

Treaty Of Berlin:

Article 1: Alaska will be recognised as a sovereign state.

Article 2: Alaska will not enter an alliance with Redslandia for 25 years.

Article 3: Namibia, Kenya and Nigeria will be fully ceded to the USA.

Article 4: The US will gain some border territory with Redslandian Canada.

Article 5: Morocco, South Africa, Lombardy, Savoy, Alsace- Lorraine and an area around DC will be fully ceded to Prussia.

Article 6: Slovenia will be occupied by Prussia for a year.

Article 7: The limit for an army will be 12,000,000 troops.

Article 8: The limit for spaceships will be 1200 ships.

Article 9: Both sides will pay reparations with the Axis paying more.

Treaty of Berlin:

Article 1: Normandy, Alsace-Lorraine, Lombardy, Croatia, Slovenia, Ohio, Maine, South Africa, and Morocco shall cede to Prussia.

Article 2: The Rest of British Canada and the U.S. shall cede to Bristol. Namibia, Kenya, and Nigeria shall cede to Bristol.

Article 3: The Balkan and Redslandian space fleet shall be restricted to 1 Space station each, and a max of 300 ships.

Article 4: The Redslandian, Roman, and Balkan army shall be restricted to 3 Million Troops.

Article 5: Redslandia and Balkan shall pay war reparations.

So i took back my mainland expect slovenia and i have my colonise of libya and indonesia so i am ready to negotiate peace. Note i am eating right now

I think we shoild make an organisation for future peace


Those are my ideas....

Well my people want neutrality so no future wars for me. But the neutrality is helping my nation recover from the war.
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