Holy shit I forgot about this community lmao

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How could Mrs. Kate buy Gil's lie? His nervousness is practically written all over his face...
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 RPG: Pandora Hearts [Multiplayer] (Draft)
                            #1 General Info + Request

People doing rps may not be used to it; but I've gained experience in... well, let's call them "multiplayer stories". I'm still taking part - and I must say, I won't want to miss them. What's so special about them? Of course, they're also a d - l i p , yet

- played by a group (3 people at least)
- taking a co - player's character over for a short time, is allowed when the other writer agrees.
- characters that haven't got a player yet, can be taken over by everybody - but again: There's a time limit ("ghosts")
- If your character dies, you may pick another one (of those being open = "ghosts")     

For changes / additions see "Rules" (coming as soon as the group is certain) 
If there's any interest, I would like to start a "Pandora Hearts Multiplayer - RPG - Project (title still to be found). 

We would play / write a.) via "Google Docs" and post it in the community   o r   b.) in the community 

P.S. Ignore the picture below. Of course, there will be more characters. That's just to express the idea behind my request (XD). 

#pandorahearts     #rpg #ocs   #multiplayer     #anime   #manga   

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A cat - and - mouse game

Kevin fastened his sword on his belt, threw the black cloak above his shoulders and turned to leave. His Chain, Albus, has been really impatient recently. 

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Name: Xerxes Break / Kevin Regnard
Age: 24 (physically); over 60 (chronologically)
Species: Human
Hair color: White (short) / (long, ponytail)
Eye color: Red (left) /

Occupation: Servant of the Rainsworth family, Pandora agent / Valet of the Sinclair family, Illegal Contractor
Chain: Mad Hatter / Albus

Likes: Everything sweet, Shelly, Sharon, Reim and his doll "Emily", making fun of people (preferred victim: Gilbert Nightray) /
His master, Roman, Young Lady Sinclair (also: "Young Mistress")

Dislikes: Vincent Nightray, Cheshire Cat, Will (or Intention) of the Abyss, rules /
Strangers, himself

Strong points: Sword fight, entertainer, "teacher" (words of wisdom) / 
Sword fight
Weak points: His friends, his legal contract with Mad Hatter, dancing /
The Sinclairs, self - hatred, being stubborn, inability to ask for help.

Even after becoming "Xerxes Break", Kevin shows some of his former traits (e.g. brutality). The fight against Cheshire Cat is just one example of his determination. Break knows what he wants and how to get / achieve it. On the other hand, he is very caring and protective. Some habits (e.g. appearing under the bed / table, disappearing through cabinets) might go back to his past as well. 

1. Question on profiles: Do we need to write a description fitting to a specific roleplay (e.g. RP #1: Xerxes becomes Gil's boyfriend/ RP # 2 Xerxes and Gil are enemies)  or will one in general ( see common character profiles on the web and whatnot) do?
2. Is there a category where people can "introduce" their RP, if they already got a very rough outline for the story? (e.g. Kevin is chased by Pandora)?   

YO I'M AN ELLIOT RPER I... have been searching for an active Pandora Hearts RP community for... so long.... IS THERE PEOPLE HERE?

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Hi hi
Is this community still alive?

Dammit XD This community has 30 members, yet pretty much none of them ever post anything QwQ

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Anyone wanna rp? I am bored Af XD
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