Mafiatale Part 1. Of Chapter 1.

Part 1 : Rogue On The BadTime Crew.

*Mafiatale Cristian(MafiaTale Me) walks in with a pistol*

Ey. Starts Shooting For No Reason. Run.

(Gonna attempt to get this community alive again, not sure how it's gonna go, but at this point, anythings's better than nothing, so, if you want to join, just ask and I'll see if it's a good time for you to join, will private post, but you gotta repost this to me) you were just sitting at a diner, just enjoying the day, hoping that it can stay peaceful and quiet, and, soon after that, your hopes are stopped by a certain spear wielding fish chasing after someone, looking maybe in his teens, wearing some old, baggy, somewhat torn up clothes and has on a crudely made mask that only covers the left side of his face, and you were thinking of whether to stop undyne from most likely killing him or just leave him to his fate and enjoy your day like nothing happened

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OH SHI fires a gun Game over

Abilitys: quick on foot,can scare away enemy's
Route: pacifist...unless you anger him
Personality:kind hearted,mostly happy,funny

Oh, scared me.
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I know this isn't a MafiaTale dub, but, I thought you'd all like this Epic!Shift dub.
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This is my sans
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Name: Butterscotch
Nickname: Titch, Fluffbun
Gender: girl
Age: 14
Height: 3"6 ((shorty))
Weapon: sniper
Pic: I don't have one, but she's a short bunny

Anyone on?


you were walking around, minding your own business when you saw undyne chasing after someone, looking more angry than she usually looks, and you were thinking about whether to help chase whoever it is or to try and stop undyne
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