I know this was soo long ago but I still wanted to share it because it was kindda funny so here i go. This was Christmas eve night and i was laying in my bed trying to sleep and sometimes i feel that Santa is not real but i mean I'm still a kid so might as well believe in it i guess. As i am trying to sleep i hear noises and my parents are supposed to be sleeping but they are still awake so then i just say its them. As im thinking its my parents i hear the glass sliding door open so then i get really scared because i did not hear my parents come out of the room but then i hear my moms voice and so i feel better again. About 40 mins later im still trying to sleep so i can be respectful to Santa. When the 40 mins were past my mom had already went back to her room and i heard the door close. Another couple of mins go by and i still can't sleep but then all of a sudden something kind of scary happens Well at least i thought it was scary. Something fell right outside my door so i go check it out and i make sure i have something to defend myself. I go outside of my room slowly trying not to make any noise. I turn the hall way light on and i see this. My guinea pigs water fell from the side of its cage and that's why it made a big noise. When that happened i felt like an idiot for being scare for no reason. I can't still get the thought off my head that i was scared for no reason and it was just my guinea pig.

I'm in Thailand.

Today at my middle school i was at the lunch line with my friends waiting for our food. Once we get our milks, I decide to mess around with my friend by pushing her milk off her tray and on the floor. The good thing is that, of course its a milk carton. So I do this like IDK 5 times just to mess with her but I can tell she wasn't mad because she was laughing. So when we get to the fruit/salad bar I do it again and a boy sees this. So wen he saw this, my friend was bending down to get her milk. Surprisingly he step on the milk carton, allowing it to smash and the milk spread all over my other friend shoes. And so my friend look at me with an astonishing look on her face. But she was like whatever in the last 30 seconds and said "Hey this is the new meme, shoes and milk." So i just laughed. The thing is I told the boy why did he step on it and he said that he was trying to pass it to me by sliding it with his foot but accidently stepped on it.
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