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This update is now officially released!

In additition to the changes described in the beta post also the German and Brazilian translation (many thanks to Marcio De Andrade) have been updated.

Have fun with the update!
New update in beta channel!

v2.08 beta
+ Launch mode: Users can now choose in which kind the app should notify the user that a new screenshot has been created
+ Text recognition: When user taps on "Share" button it's possible to select whether to share the text or the screenshot
+ New accent color in the app, getting rid of the pink color lol

Some other fixes and improvements

Please let me know your impressions!

Wanna get a beta tester? Use this link:

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First Text Input beta version online! (v2.20 beta)

Check it out and please let me know if you encounter some bugs.
Also let me know your suggestions. :)

Download or update here:


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Hello friends,

had some time left and I decided to add a new important feature to the app: Text Input

I started programming it today, the progress was good... but still much work to do.

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+Daniel Huber Stock "Edit" button on Pie screenshot notification now ask which app you want to use to edit. It would be great if your app appears in this list!

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I'm just copying over a suggestion I made on the XDA thread in case this is the better area to submit feature requests.

"A suggestion for you if it were possible.

Make the app aware of what app you're taking a screenshot of and allow a separate folder(s) to be created to put those screenshots into instead of them all being dumped into the default (sdcard/pictures/screenshots).

For example, you're taking a screenshot of your banking app with your balance and other private data, but you don't want to have that go into your default screenshots folder and appear in your gallery timeline. S C&S would notice your screenshotting your banking app and the screenshot would go into a user designated/created folder specifically for screenshots of that app.

I have tinkered with setting my screenshots folder as hidden from my gallery, but then I find that I am always hitting the issue of a screenshot of something that I actually want to share with, say, someone on WhatsApp is not available.

App aware designated folders seems to solve this for me.

+Daniel Huber If I select "Teilen " I see a message screenshot deleted and no share dialog opens.

Can you check this?

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Hello friends, check this out!
Hello friends,

I'm very happy to announce that my app Screenshot Crop & Share has reached 300.000 downloads!

For this event I'll start a give away of 50 promo codes of the product "Blur". The In-App-Product "Blur" allows you to hide private information on your screenshots (e.g. WhatsApp chats). Check it out in this video: (@ 34s)

To get a promo code you just need to send an email to "". This giveaway is also running on facebook ( -> not all 50 codes will be available here on G+.
Don't be disappointed when you don't get a code when all 50 codes were given away.

Also don't forget to share this post so also other people can get a code.

Thank you for your support and everything,


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+Daniel Huber Sorry to bother you again. Now I'm getting duplicate notifications.

+Daniel Huber many times when I touch in "Share" on notification, this deletes my screenshot. Strangely other times (very few times) this opens the sharing panel perfectly.

You need a logcat?

My device is OnePlus 3T running OmniROM (Android 8.1.0 April Security Patch).

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I have a feature request: I'd really like to have a shortcut that shows the same menu that I get when I tap the floating bubble.
Thank you very much and have a great day!

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