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Today I found a really good profile and I wanted to show you guys what a good profile should look like

"+war jr​ profile"
name Jace ichago
nickname n/a
age 18
gender male
height 6'1
weight 179
hair color blonde
eye color blue
body type athletic
~parents live in separate house over seas
~sister lives in the country still
personality shy but does get excited over certain things, ambitious, determine, defensive, protective
likes video games, books, anime, cookies, monsters, snow and winter,history, drawing, his sister, fighting sports
dislikes wasp, anything that's annoying, desert heat, rats, sour food, vegan food, bigots and racist
s.o.: straight 
~martial arts training
~basic cooking
house guest none
bio Jace was out of the ordinary in his family, considered not being the normal one. He always got interest in reading fiction ever since he started reading.Before he lived with his mom and little sister, his dad died in a car crash when he was eight. he was in a home school program since he couldn't get along in normal elementary, luckily his uncle an grandfather paid for it, being wealthy weapon designers. around the time he was having problems with being picked around his neighborhood. he was signed up in martial arts later on. he enjoyed it, he even went into a few tournaments, only three though. then after he thought he was trained enough he stopped.
years past, when he heard about the interspecies exchange, he was surprised, but excited at the same time. jace always hate having a normal life, he hate being normal. he once tried to be a vigilante when he was sixteen, it didnt work out. he signed up right away when he got the offer
~has three swords
~lives in a big house

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It was early in the morning and I had just came home from work and you were up stairs relaxing so I sat down on the couch and fell asleep...later you come down stairs to see me sleeping peacefully then you remembered you have been trying to get at me with all your love and romance for the past few months ever since you arrived and you saw your chance so you walked over to me and...
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Hey everyone I have a RP if anyone wants to use or RP on but if you want to RP Girls only 😏

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More Monster Musume figurines

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Name: Paperjam "Inque" T. Skeleton
Quotes: "I'm Not Cute and I'll prove it" "Don't worry everything will be fine" "W-Why are staring at me like that?!"
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: bisexual but mostly Straight
Eye Color: Blue and yellow
Crush: None
Zodiac Sign: Doesn't know
Favorite color : Burgundy
Reputation: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Likes: Sweets, Reading, Relaxing
Dislikes: Blood, Gore, Jerks, And people who stare at her too much
Nicknames: Pj and Jammy
Height: 7'5"
Abilities: Her hair can its style when ever she pleases, It can stretch and grab things too
How she became a Slave: "She Was a stowaway on a Prostitution Ship when she was younger and escaped being captured, hiding among Humans until she was found and Sold here"
Hair Color: Black
Cup size: F-cup
Weight: 129 lbs
Bio: She doesn't much about her past or life story up until now so...she's unsure
Appearance: In the picture
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Mawile and Mocha

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Anyone up for a Pokémon roleplay?
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(Ehm... I didn't knew where to put it)
//idk ....maybe i could try and make a rp out of this XD

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Got caught
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