Shannon sat by the lake wearing a beige crop top, black shirt and white shorts with studded flats, she was looking at her relefection in the water. She waved her hands threw the water making it ripple then you came up and said or asked...
open roleplay

Creepypasta Roleplay.
is drinking

lays on a branch sighing waiting for you to come so we can head to the lake for a swim and to bond

Potions gone wrong in cabin
Bell and Jim turn on fans

seems to be cantering to a beat on duchess across the arena

Cya next summer bye

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sits my back turned from the sunset watching the fire

sit alone somewere hugging knees kill me pls ......

sits by the lake in togs
I can't fucking swim so there's no point
+Art Gal1828

Pam is cantering Diablo around when she notices something
Huh..... Weird
she shakes her head and keeps cantering
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