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Rights are 250 points.
I accept species trades or oc's as well, though points are preferred.


People who own rights are:

+Pepper Cake​​
+Aesthetic Defect​​​​​​​
+Princess Papyrus Prince Kenny​​​​​
+Pudding Pup​​​​
+Galactic Mage

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Opta on both. Just please offer over 10
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Dark Star Slave Adopts!
15 points each.
Everything is common except rare star halo

Everything is common except the uncommon chains and she's a rare unicorn
ART is mine. Species belongs to +Vida Astra 

I really need to promote this species more!XP
Would anyone like to purchase rights, or help me get the species out?

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Reminder that rights are 250 pointsC:

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Selling her, so Opta. She has one extra piece of art.
She's a legendary, BTW.
Made myself my own Dark Star Slave^^

Her name is Phantom.

+NickyThepirateArcticWolf kawaiilover
Is the winner of our DSS design contest!:D
Please send your wishes for your custom DSS^^ you may pick up to two legendary traits.

Also, thank you all who entered! You may all keep your DSS's^v^

+Aesthetic Defect​ you can't sell myos, BTW. I saw your post, and I request that you not sell them.
If you haven't seen them, please read the rules of rights ownership.

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Don't forget!
So, I think I'll host a MYO contest!:)
So for this contest, you may make your own DSS!

You may only use common traits, though, and you can only make one slave.
You must be in this community to makeone.

Entries must be sent to #DSSentry

The winner will get a Legendary DSS custom from me!:P

Ends March 1st!

Design rules and info are in the community description^^

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Selling legendary myos for 65 points today only!
I won't be here to respond, cause I'll be gone all day, so just comment below and send points to

You can buy more than one myo slot.
You cannot give your myo slot away unless you have my permission.
You must get my approval on the design after you've finished them.
You may use only up to two legendary traits(since these are on sale). No rares, uncommon, etc traits.

Be sure to look at the info sheet to be sure your traits are legendary.

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