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Our criminal lists in the courts of Trinidad and Tobago are long. That means that over 95% of the cases listed for trial on any one day are adjourned. Lawyers are paid each time they go to court and the ordinary citizen has to pay his lawyer for doing nothing but appearing.
Our courts are so overwhelmed by the volume of cases that the lives of thousands of our citizens and their families are being negatively impacted.
For the last four years, and this started since my revocation as your Justice Minister, not a single legislative measure has been enacted in the legislature to bring relief to the thousands of citizens affected by our broken justice system.
What about the statutes that were passed under my
stewardship? The 1848
Indictable Offences (Preliminary Inquiry) Ordinance was repealed and replaced with a modern paper committal scheme under my watch after many decades of procrastination. A group of influential lawyers were opposed to its implementation because it adversely affected their easy money scheme. I say implement the law, cut the costs to the citizens, and free up the criminal lists in the magistrates courts.
The last High Court to be built was the Scarborough High Court in 1987. Under my watch as Minister of Justice approval was granted by Cabinet to construct four judicial centres at the four corners of Trinidad. There would have been 28 state of art criminal court rooms. With increased volume of work it would then have become possible to recruit retired and new judges to address old matters over ten years of age in order to relieve those locked up without trial, unconvicted, of indirect state-sponsored oppression. Locking up an unconvicted citizen for unreasonable lengths of time without giving him a chance to be heard in his defence is systemic oppression and unconstitutional. Illegal.
Introduce a plea bargaining regime that allows a remanded accused citizen to plead guilty and have the likely sentenced reduced or deemed served for the time spent in custody awaiting trial.
Introduce the establishment of the electronic bracelet regime already approved by the legislature under my justice watch to monitor house arrest and incarceration rather than peremptory incarceration in a State Prison. A person locked up in the confines of his own home and who loses his freedom of movement is incarcerated.
These are simple measures that when implemented will address the horror and national scandal of systemic State-sponsored oppression. I challenge the government to bring them on, as well as to introduce parole laws that were readied four years ago so that overcrowding at the prisons and the crippling backlog of cases be addressed immediately.
You see me, I tired speak. Those in positions to do something should either do so, or let someone else do it.
Herbert Volney is a retired High Court Judge and former Minister of Justice.

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Herbert Volney
December 17, 2016
I must be forgiven for altering, not the name of our brigade, but our brigade's wall to recognize that I am the moderator/facilitator. It is not an act of self-aggrandizement by any imaginable means, but one to connect persons more identifiably with what I stand for. But again, this is all about the building of a 'Yes We Can' movement to challenge the establishment politics by 2020 and replace this failed political culture by one of grassroots up consensus to effect much needed change in Trinidad and Tobago. Yes We Can!
Now this is what is the call -
Become more active in our movement to make Trinidad great again by inviting ten of your friends to join our movement Citizens Brigade 2020. Visit our wall! And enlist or invite others to do so.

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Friday, February 17 at 12 PM - 3 PM
Woodford Square
Frederick Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Write something...
Join us as we gather in our numbers on Independence Square at noon to peacefully march to the Parliament to hand deliver our petition containing the Principles of Good Governance to the forty one Members of Parliament.

Join us as we demand of all forty one MP's that they debate and pass into law the Right of Recall, that would allow for non performing MP’s to be fired by the same voters who put them in office.

For the Right to Referendum so that government could be instructed as to the people’s wishes on issues of national concern.

For Campaign Finance Reform Laws that would remove the power of financier money to drown the election in distraction and noise in return for kickbacks and favours.

For the completion of Procurement Legislation enactment process to control state resources and protect against corruption.

We end our march at the University of Woodford Square for a mass public rally, where we commit to a time frame for each of those items contained in the Principles of Good Governance.

Tell your friends and family, organise your entire community, come out in defense of your democracy as we the people work to rescue our country from those who have held it hostage for all of these years.

The time of the contractocracy to ruin our country, hijack our econmy and get away free must come to an end. We must also call on the Commissioner of Police to account to the nation as to the status of investigations into the growing list of corrupt activiities that are known to have taken place under the tacit approval of various governments, and to give an accounting as to if and when prosectiuon of those responsible can be expected to take place.

We must demand accountability, transparency, good governance, and justice.

Anything less is unaceptable and non negotiable.

If these office holders do not acede to the demands of the people, then our next steps must be to use all the democratic and legal means at our disposal to fire them all, and replace them with others committed to serving the people.

This is the responsibility of citizens in a democracy, and we the civic minded and patriotic must take up this responsibility.

Make your signs, record your videos in support of the march, spread the word.

Government's job is chief servant of the people. It is time the tail stopped wagging the dog.

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My fishing was cut short this morning when 3 masked Venezuelan men tried to ambush me 12 miles outside north coast! Luckily we cut all lines, downriggers and out run them.please forward to as many captains possible as the tournament is this weekend and Trini boats travelling across the waters!!!!
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