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Top ten fav characters undertale:
1. Sans
2. Papyrus
3. Toriel
5. Undyne
6. Alphys
7. Asriel
9. Asriel Dreemurr
10. Flowey

y top ten games 10 Dark sector a 2007 game that it happens in the 1950s I t is good it is short but very hard there is a good story into it I recommend the game 9.Star wars the force unleashed that was a great game you use the force and reek haveck and kill Jedi and at your will there is a good story and great graphics. The first level is you play sa the Darth Vader. Killing wookie.

8.skyrim I can't beat the 2 level it's that hard it like RPG like borderlands that will be on the list. Today I didn't know I can hold stuff with the a button it was that simple. It ain't that good but at least it made it

7.cod mw3 that was my first call of duty game but my parents cared but now they dong give a shit. And it was great I remember the great graphics and it ain't like the new bullshit cod bo3 it's all futuristic it suck but MW 3 was awesome you just shot everything and be a person that had nikali it would like a thing like jacksepticeye said one.

6 GTA 4 the second GTA game I ever played it had great graphics at the time all I did is put cheat codes on and fucked around. Beat up people.

5 Borderlands. That game was fucking awesome all you did was shoot everything that moved. Hey look over there there something dead. I would be made it lower but the best is coming

4. The ultimate Spiderman that game was awesome you were Peter Parker the first level was regular Peter Parker. Vs the venom. You may have thought electro but venom. You just began and your defeating him. I was all crap. But he hate electricity. You can be venom. Has venom on a level with this death machine. You vs wolverine . ya wolverine you may thought maybe captain America.

3.Mario. I had to put a Mario game I hate sonic he commits suicide if sonic waits to long any way let's go to Mario you killed goombas and hit blocks I never played it but I will play it

2 Undertale this game is great there is beloved characters sans and papyus are my favorite. It doesn't erace what you did so it may come back and haunt you. But it's a clever RPG you are a boy\girl that falls in some flowers then your greeted by a flower names flowey that want to kill you. Should've read it the page on steam. Just read it. And then a huge fist puches it but I don't what to make a lot of spoilers for you

1 FNAF one of my favorites of all time there is over 100 characters including the the adventure animations. It is so mystery and 8bit so much scares and surviving to 6am but I said not a lot of spoilers

Hope you enjoyed and have a good day\night

Top 10 games I like! (Only one game from each series)

1.) Sonic 3 & Knuckles
2.) Pokemon all gen 2 games (can't choose which)
3.) Super Mario 64
4.) Super Smash Bros. Melee
5.) Super Smash Flash 2
6.) Dragon Ball Xenoverse
7.) Legend Of Zelda: Major's Mask (Both)
8.) Minecraft
9.) Flipnote Hantena (If you consider that a game)
10.) FNaF

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Post anything about hate and love but only for a top ten

My Favorite songs. check out the songs

10 break my mind it ain't that good but it kinda crappy.

9 Im flowey it is a new undertale song from! From tryhardninja

8 it's me

7 I'm the purple guy

6march onto your nightmare


4 If videogames happens in real-life

3 mercy or genocide

2spooky scary skeketons

1 judgement sans song

1.) Bugsy 3D - I hate this game, I want to choke that annoying cat till it's no more.
2) ET. - Terrible, I wish it never existed.
3) Superman 64 - Worse controls ever!
4) GTA 4 - I just don't like it.
5) Donkey Kong Country 2 - Nintendo insulted Sonic in that game.
6) Dragon Ball Evolution - Kill it!
7) Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric - This is worse than Sonic 06
8) Sonic 06 - I don't want to hate a Sonic games, but this is bad.
9) Mario 2 (Japanese) - Didn't add anything new, but just only made it harder.
10) Shovel Knight - I don't really care about Shovel Knight, but I'll say I'll never play the game.

Top 10 songs I like

1) I Won't Black Out
2) Camilla
3) I'm Blue
4) I Can Walk On Water
5) OPM theme song
6) Pokemon XY theme song (Japanese)
7) Super Sonic Racing (Both versions)
8) Endless Possibilities (Rockestrate My World)
9) Salvage FNaF 3 song
10)Gravity Falls theme song
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