Same question like Henry... is Launcher++ no more available?

What's happened to this launcher,it's no longer on playstore.

No update for 12 months, no news on version 2, developer unable to be contacted, if this application is dead can you tell us that please instead of leaving everyone in limbo

je to nej launcher nova a jiné mužou jít do kytek

Hi 👋 all,
Not sure if this is the right place but I'm going to go ahead anyway…
So, I'm interested in learning how to edit resource files. Mainly for changing or adding font types but I have no idea 💡 where to start.
So if anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated?
Thanks everyone!

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The new isn't there yet. This is the link for the current one.

Hi 👋!
I love this launcher, it runs very smooth with great options. Somethings I'd love to see in the future…
- Tasker plugin
- App search 🔍 through gesture and have the keyboard ⌨️ pop up automatically
- be able to keep the folders open to matter what… a bit like panels in lightning ⚡ launcher.
- be able to size the side docks
- have image backgrounds in folds, app drawer etc.
- be able to have more than just one to any given gesture, again like lightning ⚡ launcher.
I hope 🙏 I haven't listed to much… thank you very much for this great launcher!

Also would be great to have one of the docks to be a floating dock, so you could use it any app.
1 final thing… is to have full immersive mode, specially the app drawer.
Thanks again!

Any news?

Hello, what's there to hear about the current update to version 2.0? and then they were already waiting for you!
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