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Welcome to the My Ministry Assistant for Android Beta community page!

To get access to My Ministry Assistant for Android, follow these simple steps:

1. Join the My Ministry Assistant Beta Testers for Android community

2. Go to the Google Play link:


4. Once you're a tester, click "Download My Ministry Assistant from the Play Store"

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I've created a backup on my first device (OnePlus One Android 6.0.1), every time I try to restore the backup on my second device (OPO Find7s Android 5.1.1) and/or on my third device (LG V700 Android 5.0.2) I get: could not import database.

Why? And how to fix this?

I really need option to backup in the cloud.
Other ministry time apps don't satisfy my needs. They're too difficult or too ugly. No one else allows to input start time and end time.
Also most of them don't allow to add and manage publications.
Yours only lacks cloud backup

Hi there!

Could you please add Google Drive, or Dropbox backup, and option to directly input digital time without having to change between AM and PM?

Also when selecting a starting day which is not today, it should change the finish day automatically to match starting day. (Sometimes, when entering time from past day, I forget to change the finish day, and the app says then, I was 30h or more in one single day…)

Just downloaded the app. Thank you for this!!! The last time I had a Droid phone there was no good Field Service apps.

Coming from Apple IOS and using the MyTime app, I would like to add a bunch of my calls over. I know it's not practical to ask for an import but is there a way to add in a bunch of calls manually using a PC instead of the phone???

I'm new and trying figure out how to use the app. I have not figured how to record a study without adding time to that record. Can some help?

Thank you for this app, it's the most efficient app of its kind, I've personally tried so far. I am still a newbie with this app, though and was just wondering if the app allows you to see the best/quickest route for R.Visits & R.Calls on the map? If yes, please could someone tell me how I can do this? And if No, is it possible for this to be added in the near future? 
Many Thanks

Is there way sync my ministry assistant? I have app on phone tablet. How can I sync two?

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Hi, not speak and writer english, EH reinstalado la aplicación, guarde una copia de seguridad, pero cuando la restauro sale sin datos, recién cuando añado unas horas se actualiza y aparece toda la información, pero cuando vuelvo a cerrar y abrir aparece en blanco. Alguna sugerencia?
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Thank you for having this easy to use on field service app I love it.and I enjoy it out in service.

Another update posted. This addresses the scheduled backups issue where it is not doing backups as intended on the device rebooting. Additionally the permission of seeing when the device boots is a requirement to make this work.

* You will need to reactivate your scheduled backups to make this work correctly going forward *
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