Sony Xperia X Compact with Oreo 8.0.0. Snap Camera ver. 8.8.0 has really bad autofocus - it simply cannot focus properly 9 of 10 times with Camera2 API enabled. Is that normal?

Snap Camera HDR

I have a tiny little feature to request. Because I like to edit my HDR exposures in Aurora HDR 2018, it would be super nice if besides the "Keep HDR Exposures" option, there would be an option to store the exposures in a separate folder per resulting HDR image: a folder that would have the same name as the resulting HDR image, with the HDR image itself stored in the main directory.

I hope it's clear what I mean here. Basically a similar setup that you can create in lightroom where HDR exposures are grouped together.

Thanks !

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Sorry for my English.
LLM gives amazing detail, even in the daytime, but without the HDR. The request to the authors to add bracketing inside the LLM mode: this is just one option and LLM takes a series of photos with different ISO and combines them. And then "LLM+" will be much better than "HDR+" from Google.

How to record 1080p 60fps in LG G2 with Snap camera HDR?

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how/where can I select the exposure time in Snap Camera?


HDR fc on v8.6.0, front camera only. Oneplus 3T running OxygenOS
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