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This is the new templet Hello everyone~ please follow this guideline your character.

Profile Template
Name: *
Gender: *
Age: *
Species: *
Appearance: * (This can be a picture)
Bio: *

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this was back when i went by glitch...... #throwbackthursday jk lol

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Listen up soldiers blankets are invading our home world 3 BATTLION defense this is for the future of the REPUPLIC grab your blasters and fight

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Quotes: none
Name: CT-2187
Nickname: Breaker/Holden
Gender: Male
Side: Jedi/Republic
Age: ???
Species:Cloned Mandalorian human
Sexuality: none, seeing as hes a jedi
Personality: Reckless, Short temper
Appearance: * (This can be a picture)
Weapons two curved hilt green bladed lightsabers, DC-15a blaster rifle
Bio: CT-2187 was an experiment for cloned midiclorians, which the kaminoins where experimenting with during the time he was made, he went through his entire clone training without even knowing he was force sensitive. he then found out and quickly rose through the ranks, and is attempting to fight his inner dark side..... and failing....

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Quote: "You always get ahead of yourself"

Name: Sarah Widdler

Nickname: Sar, Commander Widdler

Date of birth: 38 bby

Age: 16

Rank: Jedi Padawan

Faction: Jedi Order

Weapons: One blue lightsaber and one purple lightsaber

Force Sensitivity: Medium

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Homeworld: Unknown

Height: 5,3

Weight: 102

Side: Light side

Hair Colour: brown/hair

Eye Colour: brown

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Smart, Romantic, Bold, Caring

Biography: Sarah Widdler was found at a young age by bounty hunters while they were taking me they were stormed by clone troopers they would take me to the Jedi Temple and present to the council my powers would be extraordinary they would give me to Jedi master Mace Windu and he would teach me everything I would need to know but also form attachments

When the clone wars would roll around Sarah would have a big apartment although she be a Padwan she would do irrational things and she would stay with Obi-Wan Kenobi and he would be a father figure to her

One day she would travel with Obi-Wan to hunt down and find Grievous it would be a epic fight with Sarah clashing with Grievous and throwing blows at him while Obi-Wan would be trying to knock him down but they would also be trying to find information about the sith who killed Qui-Gon jinn all those years ago 

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Im bored

Name: Darth Maximus Planious
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 1'86
Weight: 87
Side: Sith
Force Sensitive: High
Race: Human/Mandalorian
DC-15 Blaster
ID9 Seeker Droids
Thermal Detonator
Dioxis Grenade
Personal Shield
Force Powers:
Force Choke, Force Cloak, Force Lightning, Force Pull, Mind Trick, Force Push, Telekinesis, Force Teleport, Mind Probe, Force Visions
Rank: Mandalorian King, Dark Lord
Bio: When he had 3 years Jedi (Teslan Gyid) rescued him from Bounty Hunter on Mandalore. After this he was trained by Teslan Gyid and he became Jedi. He wanted to more power and the Jedi thought he becoming Sith so Teslan Gyid attack Planious but Planious win and went away. After this he really become Sith and trained his apprentice Darth Nessa. Planious have Mandalorian army and a lot of bounty hunters. He want to hunt down all Jedi and other Sith.

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quote: know one can hide from the empire
Name: jack wild

Code name: RP-667 RED STAR

Rank: Commander

Race: Human

Gender: Male


Height: 5'9

Weight: 150 pounds
Skills: advance hand to hand combat. Advance weapon skills. Medic. Pilot.

Occupation death star

Weapons: E 11

Armor: cortosis

Ship: tie interceptor

Biography: I was born on Coruscant. When I was young I lived a live of crime until I was captured by the rebels. 4 years has past until I was saved by the empire then I joined the Stormtrooper my first misson was to take down a old rebel base but we didn't know there were 2 jedi but I manage to kill one after that I was shipped out to lord vader for some advance training and armor 
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