We have closed 'Created a new map' project. In this project we have researched how create a new Google Maps by a list of addresses in a spreadsheet. Finally we have found that this is already possible through My Maps web app.

We explained this here and give some tips to write addresses that Google Maps understands: https://goo.gl/dNFpoC

Is Useful, is Simple, is Goome!

http://Goome.es is absolutly in English now!

It's useful, it's simple, it's Goome ♡

Thank you, very much.

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Tired of AutoCrat Google Add-on crashes?

This simple and small utility lacks many of its advanced features, but lets you do the simple tasks you need to be done: merging documents tags with data in a spreadsheet and sending those document by e-mail.

Show me the code: https://goo.gl/HBFDy8
Is Useful, is Simple, is Goome!.

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Welcome +EM YEU to Goome.

For more info about the project, you can visit:


Now, you can create an opportunity of developer here:


Thank you & regards.

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-To add information to a contact
With this app you will be able to modify all the contacts that you have in your list and to be able to create your personalized list of contacts

Also you have the possibility of eliminating those contacts that already you do not use or want in your list

You can get the code of check in this link

Is Useful, Is Simple, Is Goome!


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Create new routes to new destinations.

Imagine you have a map and you would like to make new routes with addresses you have written on a spreadSheet.

The function “createRoute(myMap)” do it automatically. You only need to select the cells you want to be in the route and a static map which will contain the new route.

Show me the code: https://goo.gl/f1iyfx
Is Useful, is Simple, is Goome!.

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Here we go again!

Are you busy enough that you can't even check your calendar?
Busy enough that organizing your calendar could be your worst nightmare?

Don't even worry. Never. Ever.

Thats the deal, here at Goome we are always thinking on how to make your life easier.

Check out what we did for you! Because your special for us.

Show me the code!

Is Useful, is Simple, is Goome!

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Do you want to send an email to a group of users just in 1 click?

Send an email with an attachment/(list) of attachments or maybe you want to send an email with an html body

We give you the possibility to do it

And this is only the beginning, imagine the unlimited posibillityes

You can get the code on the following link

You can allways search for new tools

Is Useful, is Simple, is Goome!

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Do you want to edit your presentation to make them more personal?

Editing the Slides with GAS can be a tedious task and overloads your code making it harder to use. With this new functions we want to make it easier to you and your pals. You only need to add a new line of code and that’s all.

1. Create a new Slide with the given name
2 .Add a new slide to the presentation
3. Add a given number of slides to the presentation
4. Add a Text Box
5. Insert an image
6. Insert a video
7. Edit the layout of the presentation

Show me the code: https://goo.gl/HdoP6W
Is Useful, is Simple, is Goome!.

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