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Question number one: would you copulate with an infant.

Question number two: at what age do you find it morally okay to copulate with children.

Question number three: what do you believe separates your group from pedophilia.

Question number four: what do you consider consent if the child is incapable of vocalizing it.

Question number five: what are your goals when it comes to aiding groups frequently looked upon in similar light.

Question number six: what is your consensus on zoophilia.

Question number seven: do you aim to educate children on the pain they will experience when engaging in copulation.

Question number eight: if you are copulating with a child and cause them pain, would that constitute as abuse in your eyes.

Question number nine: how much say do the minors in question have in the relationship.

Question number ten: what else would theoretically change in society if children were given adult privileges.
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