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The POD Awakens!

We are excited to announce that Worlds in Peril is now available for Print on Demand via Drivethru RPG!

There are 2 versions available to you: the Standard Version (on the left) for $24.99, and the Premium (on the right) for $39.99. Both look amazing, but the colors really pop in the premium version.

You may want to get yours soon because DTRPG is raising their POD prices by 10% on Nov. 1st. If you have any questions ask away and Kyle or I will do our best to answer them! We thank you for your continued support! Game On!
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After I MCing Dungeon World, Worlds in Peril, and The Sprawl, I feel keenly the importance of using Tags(and Conditions, Powers) as fictional positioning and as an ingredient in MC moves. But sometimes, I forget to use (or don’t know how to use) them and just make a series of dull description. And I realize the story starts to go flat.

I love Tags because they fuse into the fiction seamlessly(which is the main reason why I switched my go-to system from Fate to PbtA. Sometimes, using Aspects feels artificial to me). But unlike Aspects, I find it very easy to forget to use Tags because there is no bonus or penalty to use Tags. They are only for fictional positioning.

So, how can I become proficient in using Tags as a MC? Could you share your tips?

This game sounds really fun. After reading the book I have a few questions. I dont really understand how players earn achievments. Is unlocking new playbooks the only way ? Is there a reddit for this game ? 

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The Korean version of Worlds in Peril just launched it's crowdfunding project!

Is there a way to move power actions from one field to another. For example if a character who Has super strength gets significantly stronger somehow Lifting a a Freight container may have once been difficult, but would now be simple.

Or perhaps they just get more practice with a skill based aspect of using their power, perhaps a person that can turn to smoke has "Make a hand at the end of a smokey arm be solid" as borderline, but overtime gets more practice with their power and it may just become difficult.

Is there a way to model this that I've missed?

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Hey guys been a while but I have finally started rolling on my Campaign World Patreon. Here is a link to the first downloadable PDF- The Underbosses. Check it out, let me know what you think, and if you want to support me I would appreciate it. Will be putting out 1 PDF a month going forward. Thanks again.

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Seems like there have been a few requests recently for player aides so I figured I'd put up a new link.

Hey there. I just bought the book. It says to play have some copies or the "moves" sheets and EiC moves sheet. But I can not find these anywhere. Where are they stored on the interwebs. Thanks.

How well does this game handle high power levels? kinda like Justice league , Avenger or even cosmic powers?

is there a website I can download the playbooks from? I lost mine from the KS?
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