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The POD Awakens!

We are excited to announce that Worlds in Peril is now available for Print on Demand via Drivethru RPG!

There are 2 versions available to you: the Standard Version (on the left) for $24.99, and the Premium (on the right) for $39.99. Both look amazing, but the colors really pop in the premium version.

You may want to get yours soon because DTRPG is raising their POD prices by 10% on Nov. 1st. If you have any questions ask away and Kyle or I will do our best to answer them! We thank you for your continued support! Game On!
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Bundle to play X-Men in WiP.
Characters sheets, antagonists, menaces, and game hooks.
Worlds In Peril: X-men - Hojas de personaje, peligros, estadísticas de enemigos y rolato
Worlds in Peril: X-men Este verano tuve la oportunidad de jugar una estupenda partida con Worlds in Peril empleando el conocido mundo de los X-men . Siempre me han encantado las aventuras de los mutantes y con este juego de rol es rápido y sencillo adaptar ...

If you are trying to taken down a threat using your power in a new way, are you triggering both Push and Take Down? Or just Push?

I'm almost finished my first read through of WIP and am looking forward to GM'ing my first campaign/adventure.

I was wondering if there were any 'ready to go' adventures available?

I guess I could attempt to write my own, but for the first couple nights, I figure it would be easier to go with something pre-built by someone with WIP experience.

Thoughts and advise welcome :)

Hello all,

I've been working on and off to mod WiP and I've been thinking about the power profile. It isn't really complex in execution yet it's seems a bit difficult to get a new player up to speed on the concept. Especially compared to Masks: A New Generation which boils powers down to a short one or two sentence description. (Similar to WiP's Power Summary)

It seems to me the Power Profile design function is to help guide when to trigger the Push move (which I do like quite a bit) and for character advancement. Maybe there is another reason I'm missing.

But my question is... In play do you and your players find this worth it? Or would you be open to scrapping the power profile and just going with the power summary for simplicity's sake?

Thanks in advance!

What is a player comes up with a Power profile with Simple: immune to all physical force. I get that power effects are all fictional, but it seems that it's possible to define world-destroying powers as simple. Am I missing something?

Hi guys! im wrote this post because i made up some adds to original WinP moves. For me, there is some rough lines that not fit so well at my table. So i decided share this with you. So...

1 The first modification was about npc´s conditions treshhold.

Once a player asked me the difference between impose a moderate condition or a critical condition on villains. I explained to him about the fictional weight of the choices. But he retorted ¨so, if a rolled a 10+ and i have 3 points to spend, ok? Why would i spend points imposing critical conditions if i can just knock out a villain imposing moderate conditions and yet avoid damage? So, my players had a valid argument. There is a mechanical difference between choose a moderate and critical condition, but the result is the same. Besides that, some times, players start to avoid this option cause first: there is no reward to do this choice, mechanically speaking. Second: this is kind of nonsense, a villain taking several critical conditions and dont dying. and third: they prefer to spend points to avoind harm.

My way to resolve this rough line was: i treat villain exactally the same way that i treat characters. There is a limit of critical conditions that could be taken by theses villains before they die. I just write some C´s letters bellow the squares of conditions treshold. When a character impose a critical conditio on the npc, i mark the square and circled the c above this square. If you marked all C´s you just already kill the npc´s character.

This brings two things at the table: first, this give a meaningfull choice to a critical condition, mechanically. Second: the players will think better before impose critical conditions, cause there is a chance they kill the npcs chosing so.

2 i use the DW´s END OF SESSION move

I was wondering about the original approach of reward in WinP. It is nice, but has your problems too. In order to open drive book moves you must be doing specific things in fiction. This is kind of unfair, cause some moves is more easy to be opened than anothers. And players are not always proactive in terms of narrative. Some players makes progress really fast and anothers stagger like turtles.

So i decided choose another way to reward characters. I use the DW´s end of session move just modifying the text.


When you reach the end of a session, answer these three questions as a group:
 Did you learn something new and important about the world?
 Did you defeated a notable enemy or menace?
 Did you played in a heroic character´s (or villanious) way?

For each “yes” answer you marks progress.
This move allows players marks progress more equally, and is more abstract and simple than the original approach. The drive book moves are now bought with progress, 2 p.p. to each move to be opened. But they works the same way as Always, you must fulfill the requirements to gain access to the move.

3 the FIT IN move

There is some misdirects about bonds values, rolls and results. I rewrote the move.

Whenever you have downtime and try to get back to your “normal” life in order to mend or create one of your Bonds, decide which Bond you want to focus on and roll+Bond. On a 10+, remove the conditions taken and then raise your Bond with them by 1 after doing so. On a 7-9, there is a cost to be paid, choose one:
• You cant remove all conditions taken
• as a 10+ result but you have to deal with a danger threatening your mundane life with the Bond involved. Begin framing and playing out the scene as usual, the EIC will jump in and add danger when they so choose.
• Choose a option from the DEAD FOR NOW move list.

And i put a limit in the bond points. The range is now a number between -3 and +3. For me were very strange players rolling with +6, because their bond points. They Always put high values in especific bonds to have the maximum bonus and ignore the rolls (cause if you have 8 b.p. in a bond, there is no need of roll). Again, this is kind a rough line. Now, with this mods, players balance better their bond points, and we dont have this unfamiliar rolls with so high vallues and automatic results.

So guys, there it is... any questions or comments is always welcome.
PS: sorry for the bad writing. I'm not fluent yet :/

Looks like this community is not really active- what’s everyone doing with WIP these days?

Any planned supplements for WiP? Something to expect in the near term?

So here goes my second question: What happens with a enemy if he ignores a minor condition? and most important, by receiving a minor condition the enemy must deal with the condition firt or it becomes a moderate condition. But a moderate condition dont bring any advantage besides his continuity and duration, or am i wrong?
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