Does anyone know of any desk lamps which may have a button built in to illuminate a lifx bulb so that it can be used manually as well as automated - trying to avoid having to have to have the phone to use it?

Whats the difference in the + and the generation 3?

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Unboxing of the +LIFX Color 1000, ordered through Amazon by +Rohan D'Sa
Is it better than +Philips Hue?

Just bought Google home and 5 color bulbs. Going to return because no indication or timeline or even mention regarding google home integration. Very disappointed!

Hey if any of you are looking to buy a Lifx Color 1000 please use my code edoku2016 to save some cash!!

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#triby  is the first 3rd party speaker to get #amazon  #alexa voice assistant, it controls the Lifx bulb too

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#LIFXtheme @lifx 

I have two bulbs, one is the original color and the other is the new color. Seems to me that the original has a better wi-fi connection than the "newer" bulb. The new bulb is closer to the router than the older one. Does anyone else notice this or not?

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If any of you are interested in buying a Lifx bulb, you can use my code edoku2016 and get a bulb for as low as $47!!!!!! This will really help me out and my channel 

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How To Connect Your #Lifx #lifxcolor1000 Smart Bulb To Google Now
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