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I have a set of c files without header files.
My goal is to generate a static library from these files inside the C++ Builder GUI.
I generated in C++Builder 10.2.3 a new static library project mylib, added all c files to the project and added a header file mylib.h containing all function definitions of the c files.
Then I build the static lib and get mylib.a. Seems to work.

But if I add mylib.a and mylib.h to another project and if a function from mylib is used I get an unresolved external error thrown by ilink64 while building the project.
What is the problem?

Congratulate me as support, I am in Chapter 10 in Programming Principles and Practice Using C++ Book 不不不不不 LOOOOOOOOOOOL

Anyone using RadStudio 10.2.2 and getting the linking error "[ilink32 Error] Fatal: Out of memory" ???

It's a C++ 32-bit Windows app. I'm using TwineCompile. Compiling is fine, btw. Incremental linking is off and Link with Dynamic RTL is false.

I'm getting this error all the time now.

I've seen and tried ""
but without success... i don't even see the linker heaps in the Output message.

And, this doesn't help ""

I'm pretty stuck...

If anyone has had this and overcome it and can offer a real solution, thanks sooo much in advance.

Is there a function I can call to manually fill the values for TMouseButton Button. I need these values in the OnClick event which does not pass them in.

Anyone know what the logic is of clearing the alpha channel when using Draw or CopyRect to copy a 24 bit to a 32 bit bitmap? This results in a useless bitmap.. I assume they use bitblt and stretchblt but haven't found anything about this topic, more importantly haven't found a way to make it set the alpha channel. Doing it afterwards is too slow.
Is there a (bitblt) fast way to copy a 24 bit to a 32 bit bitmap with alpha set?

Good morning everyone
I'm an Italian programmer and Im actually using C ++ builder 6 ( but I can upgrade somehow .
I have to connect to a webservice. I have available a Wsdl that I downloaded and compiled, but ... unlike what was previously developed, I am now asked for an authorization token, POST method.
In practice, while in the previous application (10 years ago) I called a service with url, username and password, now with username and password I have to request a guid and, got it, submit to the server' username = ...... token = ... .. "
Can you first tell me if I can do it with C ++ builder ? I've seen several Soap components but I can not use them!
Thank you for your support . Excuse My English


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TMS to the rescue - Merging HTML with TAdvRichEditor by Joe C. Hecht
TMS Software
TMS Software

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