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Name: Anthony Johnson
Nickname: Tony
Gender: Male
Birthday: 2/5/2004
Age: 15
Godly Parent and Godly Blessing: Apollo (Parent)/Athena (Blessing)
Cabin Counselor: ?
Summer or Year Rounder: Either one works
Sexual Orientation: Straight

~Hair: Shaggy blond
~Eyes: Icy Blue
~Height: 5'5''
~Body Type: Skinny with some muscular definition
~Skin Tone: Slightly Pale
~Typical Clothing: Blue cargo shorts, White/Blue striped shirt.
~Other: N/A

Personality: Fun, musical, poetic
Likes: the beach, Fun, friends
Hobbies: Archery
Dislikes: Jerks, homework
Strengths: Archery, music, healing
Weaknesses: Earplugs

Powers: Sonic whistle, healing, light manipulation
Weapons: Magic bow that shoots arrows made of pure light. It can turn into any musical instrument.
Prized Possession: His songs
Pet: None
Relationship Status: Single
BF/GF: None yet
Mortal Family: Emma Johnson
Friends: None yet (new camper)

Biography/Backstory: When Tony was in Kindergarten, his teacher sang for the class. This melody put all the students except Tony to sleep. Then, the teacher revealed himself to be Apollo. He took Tony to CHB in his sun-car. He gave him a harmonica that turned into a bow in his hands. Apollo told him: "Never abandon the light, Anthony. For it will never abandon you."

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Name: Aivyn Revela
Nickname: I AM FIRE I AM DEATH(I don't actually have a nickname so ya)
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 31,2000
Age: 15
Godly Parent and Godly Blessing: Hermes, Apollo
Cabin Counselor: I'm pretty sure I'm head counselor(if someone else is sorry just tell me and I'll change it)
Summer or Year Rounder: Summer
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

~Hair: Brunette
~Eyes: Brown
~Height: 5'6"
~Body Type: Athletic
~Skin Tone: Tan
~Typical Clothing: (pictures) Flannel, t-shirts, jeans, converse or combat boots.

Personality: Athletic, observant, keen.
Likes: teal and dark gray, music, reading, lacrosse
Hobbies: Music, writing, lacrosse, theatre
Dislikes: sitting still

Powers: Does pick pocketing count?
Weapons: Long bow and dagger
Prized Possession:
Relationship Status: Single
BF/GF: Still single
Mortal Family:mom
Friends: none yet

Biography/Backstory: Aivyn was born and raised Winchester Bay, Oregon. She lived there with her mother until she was 10. After her 11 birthday, they moved to lower Manhattan for two years. Shortly after her 13 birthday her mom sent her to camp half blood.
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Not done yet.
Name: Andrew Black
Nickname: Andy
Gender: Male
Birthday : Jan. 12, 1993
Age: 22
Godly Parent and Godly Blessing: Khione, blessed by Hera
Cabin Counselor: yes
Summer or Year Rounder: Year Rounder
Sexual Orientation: straight
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

~Hair: Black and Short
~Eyes: Hazel
~Height: 5'9
~Body Type: athletic
~Skin Tone: lightly tanned
~Typical Clothing: anything really
~Other: Has a lot of tattoos
Personality: Nice, Quiet, Mysterious, Talented, Sometimes a little vain
Likes: Music, Snow, Art, Ice
Hobbies: Singing, writing songs, drawing
Dislikes: Bullies,

Powers: three powers maximum related to your godly parent
Weapons: two ancient Greek weapons maximum
Prized Possession:
Relationship Status
Mortal Family:


Can anyone tell me how to get started in this group?

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+Carley Faragalli I have this from him!

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Name: Zoe King
Nickname: K.Z (only her parents)
Gender: Female
Birthday : December 25th
Age: 15
Godly Parent and Godly Blessing: Khione
Cabin Counselor: no.
Summer or Year Rounder: year rounder
Sexual Orientation: straight
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

~Hair: Dark Brown/black
~Eyes: Blue
~Height: 5'4
~Body Type: skinny, athletic
~Skin Tone: light/ pale
~Typical Clothing: white, black, or blue clothing usually but always wears sweatshirts. Not a girly girl
~Other: has a tattoo of birds on her wrist

Personality: Cold, Shy, Witty, Clever, Daredevil, Smart-ish
Likes: Winter, Nature, Horses, Books, Music
Hobbies: Singing(doesn't do it In public), Fighting, Riding, Reading,
Dislikes: Girly girls, Stages (stage fright), Spiders,
Strengths: Fighting, Clever, Long ranged combat, Smart when in battle
Weaknesses: Close hand combat, Too loyal though she has no friends,

Powers: Ice powers (like Elsa..I guess)
Weapons: throwing knives, which is hidden by a snowflake bracelet
Prized Possession: her snowflake charm bracelet aka her knives
Pet: snowy owl named Frost
Relationship Status: single
Mortal Family: Father dead.
Friends: None except her owl

Biography/Backstory: Zoe was born on December 25th 2000. When She was 7 her mother Khione was with another guy so he tried to kill her. She ended up killing him and sending Zoe to camp half blood. When the 7 came back, she hid herself whenever they came, and anyone who hated Khione would hate her, which was almost everyone. Zoe usually hides out in her cabin or in the woods to get away from others. She loved fighting others though and loved winning. She has been lonely her whole life, making snow in summer a lot. She doesn't go to school because of her ice powers.

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Name: Samantha Bell
Nickname: Sam, Sammy, Moony
Gender: Female
Birthday: February 7, 2000
Age: 16
Godly Parent and Godly Blessing: Poseidon
Cabin Counselor: Yes, I think so.
Summer or Year Rounder: Year Rounder
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

~Hair: Long Chocolate Brown Hair
~Eyes: Emerald Green
~Height: 5'10"
~Body Type: Skinny, Athletic
~Skin Tone: Tan
~Typical Clothing: Plaid flannel, jeans, boots, canvas jackets
~Other: None

Personality: Happy, loves to joke around, smart, thinks about things before I do them
Likes: Dogs, Sketching, Running
Hobbies: Tennis, Cello
Dislikes: Rude people, homework
Strengths: Sword-Fighting, Agility
Weaknesses: Archery

Powers: Speak to horses, control waters
Weapons: Long sword, Dagger
Prized Possession: Silver Seashell Ring
Pet: Black Labrador
Relationship Status: Single
BF/ GF: No BF yet
Mortal Family: None
Friends: Not any quite yet

Biography/ Background Story: I was born to my parents, Melissa Bell and the Olympian god, Poseidon. I never met him because he left 2 weeks after I was born but my mother always told me stories of how amazing he was and how I would have loved him. When I was around 12, things got really bad out in the mortal world, so my mother had to take me to Camp Half-Blood. 3 months after she dropped me off at Camp Half-Blood, my mother overdosed on drugs. I now stay at Camp Half-Blood year round because I have no other family in the mortal world. 
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Name: Artemis Dahlia Rider
Nicknames: Art, Arte, Artey, Arty, Arti, Artie, Tem, Temi, Temis, Chan Chan, Channing
Gender: female
Age: 15
Birthday: May 13
Godly Parent: Nemesis, blessed by Athena

Hair: long, braided brown
Height: 4'11"
Body Type: athletic
Eyes: blue-green-grey-hazel
Skin Tone: Caucasian
Typical Clothing: brown leather jacket, brown leather boots, khakis, black shirt

Personality: at first: shy, quiet, loner; then as you get to know her: loud, obnoxious, flirty, outgoing, outspoken, charming, charismatic, sassy, sarcastic, funny, intelligent, witty, clever, insane, crazy, impulsive, talkative, rude, nice, friendly, kind, stubborn, controlling, bossy
Likes: country & pop music, Marvel Cinematic Universe, comedy TV shows, medical-drama and crime-drama TV shows, animals, anime, reading, writing, history
Dislikes: players, jerks, thunderstorms, spicy food, math, June bugs, winter, bees
Weaknesses: cute & adorable animals, close range/hand to hand combat, math

Weapons: bow & quiver of arrows
Powers: yet to be discovered
Prized Possession: Mockingjay pin, bracelet
Sexual Orientation: exploring
Relationship status: single

Backstory: Artemis was born to the goddess of justice and balance, Nemesis and a man named Flynn Rider who was a federal prosecutor in Washington, D.C. When Artie was seven, Flynn was killed in a horrific, fiery car crash. She spent two weeks with her grandparents who eventually gave up primary custody. Art then spent two months with an aunt and uncle until she got into a fight at her private school. After that, her aunt sent her to a boarding school where she attended for the next two years until the age of nine when her guardians could no longer afford her tuition. She was nine when the courts deemed the relatives unfit to parent. For the next three years, Artie bumped around the foster care system going from home to home until her social worker exhausted all options in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia to place her in a foster home. She then went to a Girls Home in Baltimore, Maryland where she attended a public middle school up until she found out that she was a demigod. A boy she befriended a year ago turned out to be a satyr and now she has arrived at Camp Half-Blood with a duffle bag and a backpack.

Will finish later
Name: Annabeth Chase
Nickname: Annabell, Annie Bell, Miss Brainiac, Miss Princess, Owl Head, Wise Girl
Gender: Female
Birthday : July 12
Age: 17
Godly Parent and Godly Blessing: Athena
Cabin Counselor: yes, head counsler
Summer or Year Rounder: Year Rouner
Sexual Orientation: straight
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Appearance (See pictures bellow)
~Hair: Blonde
~Eyes: Gray
~Height: I don't know
~Body Type: skinny, slender, and athletic
~Skin Tone: tan
~Typical Clothing: CHB t-shirt and jeans
~Other: CHB necklace


Powers: three powers maximum related to your godly parent
Weapons: two ancient Greek weapons maximum
Prized Possession:
Relationship Status:
Mortal Family:

Biography/Backstory: At least five sentences 

Any other info you might want:

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WIP will finish later
Name: Arlyn Baylor
Nickname: Speedy, but you call me that you might not be speaking for a while
Gender: female
Birthday: December 21, 2000
Age: Almost 15(seriously in 17 days)
Godly Parent and Godly Blessing: Apollo, Blessing of Artemis.
Cabin Counselor: yes, I am the first.
Summer or Year Rounder: year rounder
Sexual Orientation: straight
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius I think.

~Hair: Dark brown/black
~Eyes: one is silver and the other is gold
~Height: 5'8"
~Body Type: Slender
~Skin Tone: Tan
~Typical Clothing: Flannel, jeans, combat boots, army jacket.

Personality: Reserved, intelligent, literal, humorous, fast learner, observant.
Likes: music, art, stories, autumn, teal and dark gray, books.
Hobbies: music, literature, learning human anatomy.
Dislikes: People at times, sitting still.
Strengths: Medicine, music, archery.
Weaknesses: Partially deaf, bit of a temper, kinda clumsy.

Powers: Audiokinesis, vitakinesis, and wicked archery skills
Weapons: Long bow and my knives(throwing and saxe)
Prized Possession: My caduceus ring and long bow necklace.
Relationship Status: single
BF/GF: Nope
Mortal Family: Mother and brother in London
Friends: none yet

Biography/Backstory: Arlyn was born partially deaf in Zschopau, Germany. Her mom was married to a man named Ryen Baylor and they had a son named Keilen. Unfortunately, Ryen was mixed in with a drug ring throughout Europe and Asia. He was murdered because of it. They moved to London and eventually Arlyn was brought over to America by her cousin, Jovian. Eventually he brought her to camp half blood and ta-da. 
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