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As a German author with parents’ guides translated by a native speaker I have got “Competition-free Birthday: Teamwork Games for Kids” for you. I am a non-medical psychotherapy practitioner in Berlin and I have written it with psychologically and educational background.
Why Choose Non-Competitive Games on a Kids-Birthday-Party?
“… My 5-year-old daughter and her friends had a brilliant time at her birthday party, without any sign of tears or tantrums! Thanks so much!” (Patricia Vogler on Amazon, 22 May 2009, 1.German edition)

Many adults find it difficult not to be a bad loser – and it is even more difficult for children who have yet to learn how to lose. However, the art of losing should not be taught on birthdays, as these should be very special celebrations with lots of happiness, fun and a merry atmosphere.

The advice book “Competition-free Birthday: Teamwork Games for Kids” contains a wide range of merry, exciting, imaginative and fun games for inside and out based on the idea of cooperation and teamwork. It also offers handy hints on how to introduce and develop non-competitive games outside of children's birthday parties. Suggestions on how to link individual games up to create story arcs and themed birthdays go far beyond a simple collection of games to play.

This guide book will help you create a harmonious birthday celebration thanks to the educational concept of teamwork games plus plenty of practical hints and tips.
“Useful, easy to read, imaginative, highly recommended. …" Spielefan, 16.3.2012 on Amazon (2.German edition).

“A fabulous book! The best book on children's parties that I've ever had! …” Sylke Holtz, 27.2.2013 on Amazon (2.German edition).

“… Simply brilliant. We'd buy again.” Steffi from Cologne, 4.4.2013 on Amazon (2.German edition).

“With the help of this book, I was able to organise a really lovely birthday. …" Jezirah, 11.6.2013 on Amazon (2.German edition).

Youth leaders and workers in “Youth and Me” " (11th edition, 15 January 2008):
"...The games are not only suitable for children’s birthdays, but also any other parties, games evenings, etc.  In my opinion, the games are excellently described in a clear and simple way." Monnica Klöckener in "Youth and Me".
"... You can get a lot of ideas for "normal" work with children here...  Very user-friendly, for example sorting the games into categories and adding an introduction to every game description..." Andreas Robra in "Youth and Me".
“Competition-free Birthday: Teamwork Games for Kids, Non-competitive Children´s Party Games”, Dr. Ayleen Birgit Scheffler-Hadenfeldt, English edition 2010 ISBN 978-3-8391-7076-2 translated by S.T. Paterson, paperback, books on demand, 64 pages  
You have got the chance to give your child the best psychological support for his/her future:
Team-building For Kids
An essential value for modern society
(Article about “Competition-free Birthday: Teamwork Games for Kids” in “Sport in BW” 2/2010 translated into English by Sophie Paterson)
In the past, traditions were passed on from generation to generation without much reflection, but these days many parents are starting to think much more consciously about which values they want to instil in their children - and team spirit has become very important for today’s society.
Parents that realise how important it is to teach their children team spirit casually start the learning process in play, choosing cooperative group games over competitions. For a few years now, youth group leaders, educators and sports associations have increasingly been encouraging the use of team-building games. The thinking behind these is nothing new; experts have long been outlining the benefits. Yet the presence of collaborative games in the everyday life of modern families is still rather uncommon, and they are therefore seldom played at children’s birthdays.
Advice for Parents at Children’s Birthdays
It is here that the parental advice book Competition-free Birthday: Teamwork Games for Kids – Non-competitive Children´s Party Games by Dr. Scheffler-Hadenfeldt comes in. This guide illustrates the team-building nature of cooperative games and makes targeted use of them at children’s birthday parties.
Competition-free Birthday: Teamwork Games for Kids – Non-competitive Children´s Party Games presents a wide range of fun, exciting, imaginative and funny games for both indoors and out, all based on the team-building principle. For example, there are quiet games, energetic games, imaginative and story-telling games, food games, water games, arts and crafts, magic tricks as well as themed birthdays such as Pirates or Horses. In addition, the advice book also provides clear information on inventing your own games, and offers plenty of practical hints and tips for creating happy and successful birthday parties.
Picture caption: The “Making Children Strong” initiative also focuses on developing team-building skills and provides various games models for big events.
BOOK TIP: Dr. Ayleen Birgit Scheffler-Hadenfeldt. Competition-free Birthday: Teamwork Games for Kids – Non-competitive Children´s Party Games . Books on Demand GmbH; 2nd edition, September 2009, in English 2010; brochure, 64 pages; ISBN: 978-3-8391-7076-2 / Price: €9.90 / $14,90 / CDN$15,65 / £10,90
Yours Ayleen
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