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Character UPDATE

Name: Arielle Black
Nicknames: Ari, Elle, Ariel
Gender: female
Age: 18
Birthday: May 13
Grade: 12th ~ senior
Species or type: shapeshifter and bender
Weapon: bow and arrows
Powers: shapeshifter and bending earth & water
Sexual Orientation: lesbian
Relationship status: single
Room: A101
Roommate: Levy ( Astrid )

Personality: intelligent, weird, energetic, mood swings, fighter, protective, friendly, caring, outgoing, outspoken, sassy, sarcastic, charming, charismatic, flirty, charming, hot-headed, rough around the edges, friendly, nice, kind, insane, crazy, impulsive, bossy, controlling
Likes: animals, reading, writing, sitcoms, dramas, rom-coms, food, pop and country music, history
Dislikes: thunderstorms, snow, the cold, winter, June bugs, roller coasters, players, jerks, evilness, bees, math
Weaknesses: animals, math

Appearance (Kendall Jenner)
Height: 5'1"
Hair: long, dark brown hair usually in a braid or ponytail
Body type: athletic
Eyes: brown
Skin Tone: Caucasian
Typical clothing: black t-shirt, brown leather jacket, khakis, brown leather boots (Katniss Everdeen pic)

Biography/Backstory: Arielle used to live at a boarding school called Holloworth Academy, but it closed and she was transferred to Arson Academy. She doesn't really know where is is from, how she got her powers, or who her family is. Ari just appeared one day at Holloworth with special supernatural powers and abilities.
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I walk towards the school with Shyla walking along behind me, I carry some wooden planks on my shoulder as well as a bag in my other hand. Shyla also has some wood tied to her saddle (Open)

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[Second Profile]

Name: Ryley Ashwood
Nickname(s): Ry
Age: 19 
Grade: Alumni 
Gender: male 

Species: Dragon
Powers: Transformation between human and dragon forms, ancient magic and controlling fire
Personality: Strong, a little stubborn, caring, quiet, strong and protective
Likes: Quiet places, landscapes and painting
Dislikes: Hunters and war 

Room Number: B5
Roomate(s): none
Pet(s): Shyla
Weapon(s): long sword
Bio: I was bored millions of years ago during a war where dragons were the cause, one dragon attacked a town and a war on our species was waged. I wanted no part in the war from all the death and pain it had caused the world. But I never knew how it ended, one day when I was walking through the frozen forest I saw some hunters about to kill a strange and unknown creature to me. I ran transforming in an attempt to help but the ground under us was actually ice. We both fell in and were frozen until the modern day. I woke a few years ago when some kids found me then took me back to the Academy. I lived there with my new friend Shyla until I graduated, I began to help the teachers and other students so they let me continue to live in the building.
Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: (Pictures)
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+Karliah Black+Kayuga Uchiha​ continue here)

Really? I smile slightly big

Name: Kyoko Izuna
Nickname(s): The Serpent of Hell. The High Dragon Priestess
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
Gender: Female

Species: Kyoko is a Hybrid of an Angel and a Demon. Her father being the Angel, and her mother the Demon.
Powers: Can summon serpents at will, can use transfiguration, and can speak in multiple languages, Dov and Parseltongue being her favorites.
Personality: Kyoko goes by the saying: "Treat me the way you want to be treated"
Likes: Dragons, Serpents, Music, and Food
Dislikes: Bullies, Snobs, those who look down on her.

Room Number: A23
Roommates: N/A
Pet(s): Naga, the Basilisk (Harry Potter reference)
Weapon(s): Demonic Sword of Shadows. Angelic Sword of Penance.
Bio: Kyoko is a product of a Demon who professed in the control of serpents, and an Angel who conquered and trained dragons. She had obtained these abilities from her parents and worked on them throughout her life, eventually becoming stronger than her mother and father. She was accepted into the community due to her family ties. Her mother was the daughter of the devil, and her father was the son of Gabriel.
Sexuality: Bi

Appearance: ((Pics preferred))
Body Type: Average build. DD. Curves. Unless using transfiguration, in which case, she came whatever she chooses.
Eye Color: Sapphire blue, however, if transfiguration is being used, the color and pupil shape can change as well.
Hair Color: naturally it is light brown.
Normal Outfit: Will normally wear a shirt, shorts/pants, and shoes of her choosing.
Additional Outfit: She visits Heaven to see her father, so she will wear an elegant white robe.

(Ask to join)
Kyoko was the newest student in the academy. She seemed to be shy, yet kind towards others, but with how some guys acted, she felt disgusted just being near them. She walked into her first class when she noticed you...

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Name: Zaria
Nickname(s): Z
Age: 16
Grade: 10th
Gender: female

Species: animal spirit
Powers: healing, teleportation, super strength controls lightning and shapeshifting
Personality: silly, curious, weird, trickster-like but vicious when aggravated
Likes: running around, finding new things and high places
Dislikes: sitting still, and boring people

Room Number: A11
Roomate(s): none
Pet(s): none
Weapon(s): sword
Bio: I was born from the anger of two humans fighting, their hatred for one another grew so strong it took a form which is me. I killed them and destroyed their village but I eventually learned to control my anger. I tend to get on people's bad side but I'm too fast to catch, I love causing trouble and I only fight when someone aggravates me. I hate following rules and act like a kid a lot of the time but I can be mature.
Sexuality: straight

Appearance: (Pictures)
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i totally didnt think this community was still alive

((+Karliah Black)) Yeah...
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