I was Bullied because I had buck teeth and I got joked on and called names like:buck tooth beaver or Bunnie rabbit. And they said my face was messed up and they say I was the ugly duckling. And I was bullied by the teacher because one day it was one of my friends b-day at school and we had cup cake's I was done with my cup cake and I licked my wrapper and I was trying to bite some of chocolate off it and my class mate Ryan said to my teacher that I put the whole wrapper in my mouth and then put it on his tray and I did not do that at all . And my teacher fussed at me for something I did not do and put me in no talking lunch and I did not know that . so I talked and I went to class and she told my mom and when I got home my mom asked me why I talked in no talking lunch and I told her what happened and she went to the school the next day . and part will be coming soon come and check this page every day.
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