Hey Dollars, I'm sure that many won't be interested but for the few that are. On the dollars site under suggestions the post "get together" the members that want to take the dollars as something have begun a discussion. If you want to be counted among those few please make an effort to put a comment on that post. I'd also like to hear personally from any members that want to take the members seriously. Please msg me in hangouts. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

OMG who saw the last episode of this season?! #plottwist  

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Great spring weather if you're on the west coast recently :P how's everyone else outside of west coast NA?

summer's coming to an end! who's excited for the second Durarara! season?!

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What's up guys?!

Hi everyone! Uni finals have ended for me. how's life for everyone?

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hey does anyone know these people from chat

Kida M

if you know them tell them to join
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