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Is the community dead? What is the reason there hasn't been any meaningful requests for information verification for months?

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Hi there, we are following up our earlier blog with the second part of our series about Sean Penn and the "El Chapo" case. In this piece, we examine the operational security issues that journalists can learn related to travel, accommodation, counter-surveillance and meetings.

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We are doing a two part series about operational security issues and what journalists can learn from the Sean Penn and "El Chapo" case. Hopefully it will be useful to some of the people here.

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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to drop a post and say that our organisation, Security First ( has just launched Umbrella - a free, open source, Android app to help journalists and activists manage their digital and physical security on the move.

Built by media, NGO, human rights and technology security professionals. The lessons give you simple, practical advice on what to do and what tools to do it with – covering everything from sending a secure email to conducting physical counter-surveillance. You can choose your level of ability or type of protection needed and get answers that reflect your needs. Users can mark, customise and share simple checklists for quick reminders. It also has a series of security information feeds from places like the UN and Centers for Disease Control to keep you updated on the move.

It’s free, open source and available to download on Android from here:

Hope it's useful to you all, especially those freelancers etc who don't benefit from having a dedicated security training/management system in the field.


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Does anyone know whether this is confirmed?
There is not much else going on in the media (... What a surprise)

It would be a major attack to #democracy  and to  #humanity . Instead of committing to take action against #climatechange , they are defending #trade  over us and #planetearth      

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Hi all,

Rob here from Storyful.

As part of YouTube Newswire, we've opened up a collaborative playlist where users can submit videos for consideration. We're interested in seeing newsworthy UGC, news footage (without voice-over, preferably), or entertaining viral video. Storyful journalists will then take a look and vet submissions, with the possibility of posting them to the Newswire homepage and tweeting to followers (now at 32k, and growing).

If you want to take a look and contribute, please click the link here, click "Continue" on the blue banner that appears at the top, and then "Add videos". 

Hope to hear from you,

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Good images from Nablus. We're contacting the photographer to see if he's ok for us to use them.
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