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Hello guys i just found out about the libre alarm and it blows my mind. How hard is it to install the required systems and which smartwatch works the best for monitoring glucose? I have a samsung s8

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Has anyone seen this before? The App repots ".0" for a specific minute(s). This caused the app to report "11.4" for one of its checks. I'm not saying this is a problem with the app specifically, it might not be. I did notice the reader (which I also scan at the same time) showing a small gap in the data on the graph - probably the ".0" and the gap in the graph are the same point in time - has anyone seen this before?

Hallo, ich habe eine SSW3 und ein SG A7 (2017) . Installiert ist OS wear libre Alarm und xdrip+ . Die Uhr ist mit dem Handy gekoppelt. Libre Alarm zeigt immer "Not connected " und kann nicht gestartet werden.

Hallo zusammen,
Wir haben Probleme mit der Stabilität. Wir haben die SSW3 entsprechend modifiziert. Auf dem Smartphone (Huawei P9Lite) läuft xdrip+ und libre alarm (jeweils die neuste Version). Soweit so gut. Das System läuft für ein paar Stunden einwandfrei und plötzlich kommen keine Werte mehr. In LibreAlarm steht dann zum Beispiel nächste Messung um 01:29 Uhr es ist aber schon 02.00 Uhr.
Hat jemand eine Idee woran es liegen könnte?

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It is so nice not to have tubes in my stomach or my arms or my legs. I am a Insulin Pen guy now. Been a Type 1 for 46 years and Libre gives me a chance to have skin with just a tiny button. It would be great if there was a hypoglyemic sound of some sort. Anything planned?
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Hello i need help please I have iPhone 7 and Sony smart watch can some one tell me if it work ?

Hello i need help please I have iPhone 7 and Sony smart watch can some one tell me if it work ?

I found the following watch on Amazon:

Ticwatch E most comfortable Smartwatch-Shadow,1.4 inch OLED Display, Android Wear 2.0,Compatible with iOS and Android, Google Assistant


I have 2 sony smartwatches 3 downgraded to LCA43 and fully rooted. They work fine with libre alarm 1.08 and xdrip+. I bought them in 11/2017 and 03/2018. I do not need them anymore because since 3 weeks I am using the dexcom g5. The one from 2017 is a stainless steel vesion for 100€ and the other from 2018 is a pink version for 70€.
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