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Find more information about the project here:

I have 2 sony smartwatches 3 downgraded to LCA43 and fully rooted. They work fine with libre alarm 1.08 and xdrip+. I bought them in 11/2017 and 03/2018. I do not need them anymore because since 3 weeks I am using the dexcom g5. The one from 2017 is a stainless steel vesion for 100€ and the other from 2018 is a pink version for 70€.

I purchased a used Smartwatch3 from ebay and have been trying to follow the instructions here:

I needed to down-rev the watch, so I was following those instructions. When I get to the step to install using twrpnew.img on the watch, it get errors about not being able to mount /data. I checked into it using "adb shell" and it looks as if I can mount /data readonly, but when I try mounting it read/write, it fails, which I'm guessing is what the Install is seeing and thus failing.

Any hints as to what could be wrong and/or how to fix it?

I hope this community is still active and someone can help me.
Im currently on the libre and planning on moving on to this librealarm.
My Sony Smartwatch 3 is in the post, and I was looking for a full tutorial how to set up this system.
Do any of you have a link for this?
Does it require a phone?
Does the phone need NFC too?
Looking forward to hearing a response

Guys i need help.
I just bought my Sony Smartwatch 3 and really need to activate my libre (i haven't tested my sugars for about 2 weeks)
Im really clueless what is going on and the tutorials are really confusing.
Would someone who has done this before be an angel and help me step by step, i.e. over the phone or something to help me?

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Hi, I have enabled NFC on smartwatch 3 but when I follow the steps to root, although the file is flashed through TWRP after reboot I don't see any signs of root. Sold I see advanced settings? The Libre alarm app says not rooted. When I test for root I do the command 'ADB shell' then 'SU' and i get the response 'root@tetra:/ #. Does this suggest rooted? I don't know how to disable the wake screen and lower the CPU power etc to get optimum usage otherwise.
The device does scan but often something happens in the night and the watch suddenly drains after a few hours

Hallo, hab in letzter Zeit öfters mal Ausfälle von xdrip Sync.
Alles neueste Versionen.
Habt ihr eine Ahnung an was es liegt?
LG Sascha

I need to find my phone it is in the house this I know, the ringer is off and I don't know what I can do to make it ring so I can locate it. Any suggestions?

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Will anything other than Sony SW3 work with the sensor? How'bout this one on Amazon with NFC capability? Generally I'm looking for a Libre alarm option on the watch or elsewhere and don't care about all other stuff at all. Thanks for reading.

Hi! I've unlocked NFC on Sony Smartwatch 3 and installed Android Wear and Libre Alarm, but it still says "Not connected" and can't read the sensor. What can I do with that?
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