Is a slippery lying two faced evil disgusting destroying snake. Just like them shed their skin-get it. Crumbling dick fuckin head.

What he does is take all the things I want and crafty bully manipulate grooming and ensuring someone else gets handed it and on a plate.

No one wants to fuck you not even your own wife πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Go to hell Mr hell

What about us he says.
Exactly what about us.
Two fingers to it and u (just like u said to my projects and in an appraisal slime)

Any1 who wants to fuck this 1 rounder is welcome. Goodluck to you & your life being destroyed

Don't fuck with me??? Well I did-literally and now I have tickets area malicious killers for everyone to know about everything destroyer

And are totally fearful of their wives that their 'stuck with'.
Go ahead hire private investigators and catch the weasel out.
Destroy their lives like they do yours and everyone's

Two fingers to my projects???? No, two fingers to you, your crafty blocks, dick crumble, dinner invites to join you bully and your lost team

Yeah witch parker it's sex abuse and my career does matter actually you stupid dumb call yourself a manager and in HR u evil witch ο»Ώthere is nothing human about u at all white goldilocks favouring shrieking no your in the wrong witch

Who hate n plot against their wives 'the one they're stuck with'
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