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You can be a human, dragon, or a hybrid. If you want to be something different, then ask. No spamming, and no being rude.

No being OP. You are not invincible. No killing another RPer without his/her permishen.

You cannot claim to be the most powerful or the biggest dragon.

You can have rider if you want to, or be a dragon rider.

You can make up your characters, or have one from a movie.

The time period is the 14th century.

To become a moderated, you must first post a lot of RPs on here.

Have fun!

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Name: Curse
Age: 19-young adult
Gender: female
Species: Raith Dragon(made-up)
Abilites: weather,fire resistance,teleporting,injecting poison through her mouth,shapeshifting,changing colors,unknown
Mom: unknown
Dad: unknown
Sisters: open but you will be killed sooner or later
Brothers: open but you will be killed sooner or later
Friends: open,in roleplay
Best friends: open,friends first
Enemies: open,in roleplay
Crush: open,friends first
Mate: open,crush first
Hatchlings: open,mate first
Notes: please approve!
1. NO cursing
2. NO sexual content
3. NO arguing about my dragon having feathers and webbed wings or about MY RULES

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& I OWN THE NAMES OF THE DRAGON, sorry if it's not aloud, but.. I just like the name.... If you want me to change it, it'll make me "sad" but i'll do it anyway, thanks&
 {Main details}
 I:I Name I:I ~Rosetta~ &Pronounced Rose: et:au&
I:I *Age I:I ~Unknown~_I
:I Gender I:I ~Female~
I:I Rank I:I ~Prisoner~
 I:I Personality I:I ~Shy, Quiet, Loving, Caring, Lovable, Gentle, Agile, etc~
I:I Likes I:I ~Unknown~ 
I:I Dislikes I:I ~Being caged, Humans, Heights, etc~
 I:I Powers I:I ~None she knows of~
I:I Species I:I ~Pink Rose Demon~
 I:I Area I:I ~She lives in a dungeon, placed there by...~ &open& {Family Category}

 I:I Mother I:I ~Deceased-Nonny~
I:I Father I:I ~Deceased-Quail~
I:I Hatchlings/Eggs I:I ~None~
I:I Mate I:I ~None~ 
I:I Sister(s) I:I ~Deceased-Falicia~
I:I Brother(s) I:I ~Deceased-Scar~


 I:I Bio I:I ~As a hatchling, Rosetta would run around, hunting frogs, eating dandelions... But one day, she saw a butterfly, and was feeling adventurous, so, she followed it... She found herself standing at the gates of a castle.. Her mother had told her not to walk into strange places, so she decided to go back.. What she saw that day scarred her for life. Her parents and siblings were dead, their bodies cut into pieces, their blood sprayed on the bark of the trees.. She squawked in fear, her feathers ruffling... She glanced back when she heard rustling behind her.. And there, hovering above her, was a dragon.. A different species, and much, much bigger than her.. His teeth gleamed with blood, which oozed down his chin.. She gasped, now understanding that this dragon was her parents murderer, but before she could react, he snatched her and quickly flew away.. Rosetta now lives in the dungeon of that castle, but she's now much much older, and she seeks revenge.. She would avenge her family, no mercy...~
 I:I Previous areas I:I ~The OutSkirts~
 I:I Eats I:I ~Roses, Deer, Antelope, Ant-eaters, Gazelle, Frogs, Lettuce, etc~
I:I Height I:I ~9'2~
I:I Weight I:I ~220 lbs~
I:I *The species of her family I:I ~Mother''''^'''' Black Rose Demon: Father''''^''''Red Rose Demon: Brother:''''^''''Purple Rose Demon: Sister''''^'''' Yellow Rose Demon~

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Name: Velikamoon
Nicknames: None
Age: 14 years (average for her species)
Species: MixWing (a mix of all Wing species, see pics), Night Fury
Gender: female
Rank: Leader of LightningClan, Alpha of the 7 Clans

Mate: Shardas
Hatchlings: Tsunamistar (adult), Briarclaw, Thissleclaw, Iceheart, Ravenfrost (young)
Mother: Moonmoon (deceased)
Father: Starmoon (deceased)
Sisters: None
Brothers: Toothmoon (prefers Toothless)

Personality: Brave, smart, kind

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Name: Sarina
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species' Electric Eal Dragon
Mate: None
Rider: None
Eggs children : None
Lives: In a well sized pond near the evergreens
Bio: Unknown
Personality: Shy, Flightless, Obedient, Easy to control, etc
Height: 6'2
Weight: 200 lbs
Likes: Swimming, Occasionally singing, running, watching land dragons, watching the stars at night, etc
Dislikes: Unknown

Could I be a humanoid with otherworldly abilities as long as I don't make it too OP?

Ex: Artorias from Dark Souls.

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Name: Scalefire
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Fire dragon
Personality: IS very friendly but if you get on my bedside, I will be super rude. I can be closed off at times but i like flying and being around others. I am very sly and smart. 
Home: The evergreen Forest
Powers: I can control fire and anytime of heat
Species Bio: I was born in the Evergreen forest hand has lived there ever since. I am looking for a mate. 

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Let me know if there are any issues with this, and I'll try to make the changes to better fit the community!
Background: Saella was born to a dragon mother and was considered to have a disease called "AnthroDrakoni" which means dragon with human qualities. She was considered hideous and a disgrace to dragons, but her mother did not abandon her. Instead, her mother was shunned and forced to leave the other dragons for refusing to kill her "abomination". Her mother raised Saella and her brother Naloth far away in a deep cave with vast fields all around the,. She learned to fight in her and her brothers early years (before he grew too big) and to use her fire magic. It was not until she was 54 in human years (HY), 1-2 Dragon years (DY), when she met her first humans. 
 The humans had been building a kingdom close to Saella's home as she grew up. For a while the human were not aware of the dragons presence and never bothered them. However, when the did discover dragons lived in the area they hunted them down and had killed Saella's mother. Before she died, their mother told them to flee and never come back no matter what. They never saw their mother again and had to find someplace else to live.
Having been her first encounter with humans, Saella and Nolath became vicious and cruel t any human they found. They would destroy small villages and towns, taking revenge for their mother. One day, after long trouble and a fierce battle, Saella and Nolath found a cave to rest. Thinking they had killed all the humans in the area, they slept very hard. A small group of man snuck into their cave and kidnapped Saella, thinking she was controlling the dragon to attack them. 
When Saella awoke, she was underground and chained to a wall. She was furious and tried fervently to break the chains, but she had never encountered them before and was unsure what to do. She panicked and kicked and scream, trying to summon Naloth to her for hours but it never worked. After many long hours, she tired herself out again, and no longer kicked or screamed, she truly thought she would be tortured to death with no hope of saving. 
A full day went by and a man finally came in and spoke to her, much to her surprise. He was angry but never harmed her. They had spoken for hours, questioning each other and explaining things to each other. After another few hours the man decided to release, and this, somehow, managed to change her thoughts on humans. 
Finally above ground, she called to her brother successfully and it took him no time to finally arrive. He was angered, confused and scared. When he found her, he nearly killed everyone those that had taken her. She calmed him and explained things, but he was still suspicious of the humans. They both agreed in secret that they would find the humans that had killed their mother and still take their revenge. 
(Explaining the words in the "Species" part.)
_AnthroDrakoni comes from the Greek words "Anthrop", meaning quality of Humans, and Drakon, meaning Dragon or snake. Implies a dragon with human qualities.
Draconian=Half Dragon -another term would be Dragonbourne
Xiather means to have a dragon mother._
Name: Saella
Nickname: Sae
Age: (Human years)-126 (Dragon years)-5 1/2 
Species: AnthroDrakoni, Draconian, Xiather, Dragonbourne, more simply put as Half-Dragon.  Choose which ever suits your fancy. 
How old does she appear: 23
Talents/Skills: Due to being dragonbourne, Saella can temporarily "possess" or control the mind of some dragons but it causes her pain and she rarely uses it. She can also speak to them, can not be harmed by fire, and can even use some fire magic. 
Birth order:  Naloth (134), then Saella (126).
Siblings (describe relationship): Dragon "Brother" named Naloth. They are very close and he is extremely protective of Saella. He does listen to her, but gets very angry when she "possesses" or  takes control of him or other dragons. 
Relationship skills: Poor, due to being raised with dragons. 
 *Physical Appearance*
Weight: 118 lbs
Height: 5'4" 
Body build: Slender
Eye color: Crimson/Blood red
Skin tone: Very pale, almost gray
Hair color: Crimson
Hairstyle: Usually braided and wrapped around the base of her horns with thick side pieces that are about shoulder length and medium bangs. 
Usual fashion of dress: Long and heavy red and black dress (shown in image) with a red glove and black and silver spear like object attached to her right arm. 
Ruled by emotion or logic or combination thereof? Mostly ruled by Logic
Good personality traits: She is smart, caring and very strong. 
Bad personality traits: Straightforward.
Mood character is most often in: Calm or Neutral. 
Character is most at ease when: With her "brother" Naloth.
Most ill at ease when: Around a large amount of humans. 

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