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Hamvention starts in less than two weeks and we're only 40% funded so far. Please consider a donation to our trip. We're planning some great stuff for the show and we hope to see everyone there. If you can't donate, please share Share SHARE! Thank you and 73 from all of us here at Linux in the Ham Shack.

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Bluetooth Audio in on openSUSE Linux with KDE Plasma has set the bar for usability and stability. It is far easier to use and just amazingly stable.

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I am not a Ham, but I want to be someday and after a recent podcast about the score GeekoLinux / openSUSE got on setting up the Ham radio repository, I took some time to put together a wiki for openSUSE to make this easier.

I would like to make this more useful but I have many knowledge gaps as to what it would take to make it easier for the new-to-openSUSE user.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to hit me up here, Hangouts, Twitter, etc. I like the Ham hobby and openSUSE so input is welcome, encouraged and really I am pleading for it. :)


What is the difference between a 6 meter FM antenna and a SSB/AM 6 meter antenna?
Is there an electrical difference?
I have seen antenna building posts where they have stated that a FM antenna will require more tuning.

Looking at purchasing a HF radio. Looking for cheap and reliable for base use. Thoughts?

Happy 2016 to you all; and may Linux not give you grey hair and never crash

Any recommendations for optimal antenna height in regards to 2m/70cm? I have obstructions that I have to work around (a treeline behind my house, and power wires next to the desired location for my mast).

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Episode 151 Astronaughty had a good item about Android apps for ham radio. I'd like to add a few comments about mentioned programs:

- NKCCluster is free but asks for in-app donations (via in-app purchase)
- You mentioned APRSDroid having the option to connect a bluetooth TNC but did not go into this option. This is the way cool option with APRSdroid: connect a mobilinkd tnc to your handheld radio, connect it with bluetooth to your android device and APRSdroid will use it to transmit APRS reports and will display all the received APRS information including the maximum information that can be decoded from the packets. No internet connection needed in this case, just a handheld radio tuned to the local APRS frequency.
I tried this myself and I became a huge fan of the mobilinkd!

Does anyone know a source for a SMA Female to Mini-UHF Female adapter?  The one source I found was back ordered until the end of OCT.

Any 1 help me with Icom programing cables and software in linux
I have been trying to do it for 3 years,talked to alot of people and got several tips but none work.I tried posting in Linix forums and all I got wa a critique of my grammar please some 1 help PLZ!!!!
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