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Our members have doubled since I last checked, which makes me happy! If we post a bit more, we can bring this community back to life! So come on! Think! Theorize! Post!
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I have a theory that there are people that I like to call Cipher Worshippers. They're basically like Devil Worshippers, but for Bill. The reason why I think There are people like this is because, in the Weirdmagedon episodes, People try to make Bill NOT come after them by cutting up signs to look like triangles (which of course fails). In a few other episodes, it's seen that Bill was worshipped through out history as a god of some kind. It's possible that there are others who know more about worship and have a secret society, similar to the Blind Eye Society. This leads me to another theory that these Cipher Worshippers are the key to Bill's return. They must know that the statue is out there and there is a way to bring Bill back. It's only a matter of time before they find it.

Ok guys what if season one was actually the last season but was a dream witch is why it's still in Gravity falls but stranger than usual and it had the deitails to and bill wasn't in that season cuss it was mables dream and that's why it's so strange and a little mabley 030

So my brother came up with this idea that Bills nicknames for everyone really means something that will happen to them later in the story

1: Dipper became a tree in the Northwest manner mystery

2: Mabel became a shooting star in Not what he seems

3: Gideon becomes a Bill like figure and he is most likely the star eye

4: My own one I added in that isn't as good (sorry) is Pacifica she becomes worthless like a llama which I think she is after in the Northwest manner mystery episode you can see a painting of a llama when the ghost comes out from under the sheet.

He hasn't thought of any other but if you do tell me and I can notify him. Hope you like my theory

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If You're Into Gravity Falls You'll Love This Community!!! Join And Have Tons Of Fun!!!!! Ask The Gravity Falls Crew Anything You'd Like!! Even Now We Have Ask Mes Open!!!

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hey, guys I want to address something. As you know, this is a place to express and discuss theories. And I know we're small right now(PLEASE SHARE THIS COMMUNITY) And you're all busy, but the only real conversation I've had was a brief talk with +Zipper Lines! Come on guys! There are plenty of new things I notice everyday, like how Grunkle Stan and Bill both find pain funny, are both talking about buying gold, and both use the eni meni miny YOU phrase! Please, I want to see you guys grow in intelligence! #SharethisCommunityplease  

Hey guys! Has anyone noticed that, though Gravity Falls takes place in 2012, one of the members in Sev'ral Timez(I don't remember who) continually says,"2013!" He says this several times(ha, see what I did there?) throughout the episode, which leads me to believe that the writers were eluding to something more than them just being clones. What if they're from the future. Of course, it could be a simple mistake...but we all know Alex Hirsch doesn't make mistakes...

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This kinda contradicts my amazing "Speed of Cipher" theory, but I realized, I seems Bill was never a human. The way he acts when chasing Mabel for the Journal implies he hasn't spent very much time in any human body. BUT, he does seem to have spent a lot of time around humans, especially near England's Victorian era and America's colonial period, because he wears a bow-tie and top hat, while carrying a cane. But he seems to have been present through out history, as he shows Gideon in his first scene He also seemingly speaks English, but it could just be that we hear him speak like that because of the whole Dream Demon thing.(He could just speak his own language, but the DreamScape allows us to hear it in our language.) But what is most interesting is that he seems to favor the Americans. Not only do we see major events in American history flash across his body, but he also ended up on the -$12 bill. This could relate to why he chooses to show himself as the Eye of Providence, because the Free Masons(OR AS IDIOTS CALL THEM, THE ILLUMINATI) used the symbol themselves, and it appears on the Great Seal of the United States. This is evidence for some people that the Free Masons had a hand in America's founding, which wouldn't entirely be a bad thing. They weren't all devil worshipers like people believe about the Illuminati, most were just a secret Fraternity-like brotherhood. But what do you think? Is Bill a secret Founding Father? Or just a weirdo?
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This is another cool one.

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What about Dipper and Mabel's parents? One of them has to be Stan's niece or nephew, which means they probably spent time in Gravity Falls. Could one of them be the Author? In his memories, Fiddleford Muguckit claims the author he was working with was visiting. This means it couldn't be Stan or(If he exist)Stanley because we've seen in flashbacks that they lived in Gravity Falls. But what do you think?
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