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Hello Facilitators!
I am happy to share with you the experience from my first facilitation along with some pictures.

Client: Vishesh Bhutani
Topic: Creation of BTwin TECHNICAL DIRECTION in India
Date & place: 18 & 19 April 2017 in Ludhiana
Participants: 26 BTwin team members from all verticals (Retail, Supply team, Technical team, Production team, DMI, ...)

It was a great experience for me (fresh facilitator it was my 2nd facilitation, 1st big format) as well as the team (for most of the team members it was a first experience of facilitation).

Few highlights I would like to share with you all:

_ enough time for preparation is the key to success (we have initialized 1 month in advance and spent 4 VC with client, for a total of 20 hours of preparation for facilitator!)
_ I have prepared 2 design scenarios for 2nd day in order to be flexible and fast to adapt Day D
_ 1 ice-breaker / stimulating game every half day (morning and post-lunch) helped to activate the energy of the group especially for long format (2 days)
_ we took time at the end of first day to take the first feedback from the team as well as their expectations for 2nd day and adapted accordingly => everyone was happy with the result
_ at the end of the 2 days, we have dedicated 2 hours for: formalizing the final decisions TOGETHER (with TOP 5 focus), deciding the collective and individual responsibility, choosing the right way to follow-up on the decisions and life of the community, taking the feedback of the 2 days (process, facilitator, result).

Do not hesitate to contact me for further details.

...And did I live the "MAGICAL" MOMENT?
Actually I lived MANY magical moments during the 2 days, to list some of them:
the pride of being ready or ready with the design for 2nd day even if the first day went in a slightly different way we planned, the happy moments of laughter during the games of the team and feeling the team spirit, every positive feedback I received from a team member, the relieve of my "client" who was very happy with the final result...

Facilitation is addiction!
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2 ideas of ice breaker / stimulating GAMEs I have experienced:

1) "Face the cookie"
Quick game to re-activate the energy post-lunch for a big group and form new groups quickly.
The game consist of putting a cookie (Orao) on the forehead and without any help of hands to eat it.

You can adapt the length (split the teams in various groups, various size) and the target (everyone has to succeed to eat 1 cookie or first one of each team to eat or eat 3 cookies / team...) => it is a good game if you have only 15min time (very less preparation, very funny, creates team spirit).
You can also group with re-shuffle of teams before exercise to save time.

2) Blind race
The game consist of forming a groups of 4-7 where everyone has their eyes covered except the last one (leader). Every team must find their way to communicate without words among themselves to arrive at the target (to put few obstacles to be avoided and as target an object to be placed in a basket).

This game is more time consuming (30-45 min), but helps to develop the team spirit, highlights the necessity of a good preparation and alignment inside the team.

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1ère facilitation dans une chambre d'hôtel ... incredible India 😜... à qq jours de l'accouchement #facilitationaddict mais pour la bonne cause ... 1ère facilitation pour +Antoine Algrain formé il y a 15 jours et qui décide de se lancer !
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Hi the community !
Stephane Tavan is looking for a facilitator for the 13th of April (whole day) to work with his team about their team project, their offer, and individually what they want to do for the next 5 years.
I met him a first time last week and we will meet a new time this Thursday morning. I'm available to work with the volonteer about the design and if it's possible for me (according to the baby :)) I could accompany you at the beginning of the D-Day !
Let me know if one of you is interested !

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Very proud to contribute to this project even if it's only through facilitation 😜!
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Because I just tought to you with this discovery and I think it's could be good to share on this platform to capitalize whole our sharings, I create this community !
It's the birth of an incredible network of indian facilitators in Decathlon !

Thank you Caroline for creating the community and bringing the Facilitation to India.
We were waiting for this moment for long time and I believe India has a big potential in COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE - let's spread the community!
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