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Hello and welcome to the future
Here you may not like it or you might oh well nobody knows for sure hee you will probably face a thieves guild or monsters, slavery, tyrant kings, evil kingdoms soooo uhhh have fun

Basically don't god mod or instant kill others
No bullying eather cause I'll kick you out
Have fun
Don't abuse slaves if you own one treat them as equal they basically serve you until you decide to free them
Keep Sexual posts to a minimum of one per day
No hentai pics only private post them


Slaves (if you own any)
Kingdom (place of birth)
Bio: (totally Optional)
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(Looking around the city) Where the hell are the Cybertronians?!

Name: Daroach Kiryuin
Age: 15
Gender: male
Type of cyborg: Reploid
Sexuality: straight
Likes: Humans, World peace
Dislikes: Mavericks
Family Satsuki and Ryuko Kiryuin
Crush: Secret
Weapon :Specter scythe, Daroach Buster, Variable weapons system (3 modes)
Slaves none
Kingdom Kiryuin Clan
Bio: No bio given.

Jesus Christ, this place feels dead... Where is everybody?!

Damn... This place sure is dark. Even the bark of the trees is dark. I hope I'm going the right way...

Filled with curiousity, I sneaked through the security and I used the Gilde Armor to land safely on the Wastelands without making a sound. As I landed, I switched to the Gaea Armor and I started looking around me... The view is a nightmare...

I was just visiting the Floating City of Troy viewing the designs of buildings and technology. Until, I wondered what it was like down on the ground... I feared that it is nothing to be reckoned with... But then, I came across some strangers (roleplayers in this community) and politely greeted myself to them.

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Name: X

Age: Over 100 years-old

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Likes: Friends, humans, world peace

Dislikes: Mavericks, violence

Family: Proto Man, Mega Man, Roll, Dr. Light

Crush: (SECRET)

Weapon(s): X Buster (Mega Buster Mk. 17), Variable Weapons System, Sets of Armor, Limitless Potential

Slaves: None

Kingdom: None

Bio: X is the future of all Reploids who possesses the ability to act, think, feel, and make his own decisions. Having being sealed away for 100 years, X was found by Dr. Cain, who introduced X to the world and the world the future of Reploids based on X's design. However, due to having wrong decisions, Mavericks were made, having the humans create the Maverick Hunters. After Sigma, X is gifted with limitless potential to accomplish world peace.
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Name: Ronin
Age: Unknown
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight
Weapons: blades on his arms and hidden plasma cannons
Likes: raiding raider camps and helping out farmers
Dislikes: slave traders walking up to just anyone on the farms he works at and watching Raiders killing children in front of there families
Crush: open
Bio: an unknown android from a forgotten time
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(open rp...)

I was laying on the park grass late at night reading my book on paranormal activities and such...when out of was just my mind playing tricks on me again... oh...thank gosh...she isn't here...takes a breathe of relief as I lay on my back and stare into the sky
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