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Anyone want to rp I am soo bored

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Dragon child
Age: 10
Power: Unknown
Environment: Cold mountains
Element you can control: Snow a bit.
Likes: Mountain climbing, sleeping by a fire with her dragon father and hot meals.
Dislikes: Dragonslayers

Anyone want to roleplay

Anyone want to rp?

Anyone want to rp on hangouts

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in Medieval Times there was a kingdom the queen was nice to everyone the king died so the queen and her daughter took over the kingdom you the leader of the knights had a crush on me but you were shy everytime you talked to me you stuttered I never knew what was wrong (Rp only on hangouts)

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Does anyone want to do a vampire rp with a girl? (Im Wendy and you can choose if I am a vamp or not) I don't care if you or I am the vampire or if we're both vamps, either are fine with me... state your name and appearence and I will pp you. This is what I look like...

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"....Where an I?!"
Name: Clover
Creature: I'm a witch.
Age: 19
Powers: Telekinesis and Necromancy. I can also levitate, but only a few feet.
Environment: uhm...skip?
Element: not sure. Sorry.
Likes: I like reading, writing, magic, and naps.
Dislikes: Social interaction. I'm very introverted.
Personality: I'm quiet at times, and most of the time in sarcastic or what my family would say, I'm a "Skeptical Suzy" but really, I'm just thoughtful.
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Name deadlox
Mystical creature angle
Age 21
Power lightning wind darkens
Environment hill's
Elements dark magic
Likes girls sleep
dislikes assholes
Appearance looks like the 2 pic
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