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I thought some of you might like to see this. :)
Google Play, the world’s largest eBook collection, just got bigger. Now, you can upload your own files to Google Play Books to access on your Android (, iOS ( and the web ( Whether you’re a student with a backpack full of PDF printouts or an avid reader with hundreds of pages held captive on your computer, relieve your back and start adding files today!

After uploading your files, you can enjoy reading them with all the nice features available: bookmarks, highlights and notes, dictionary and more. What’s more, your reading progress, highlights etc are synced to the cloud, so if you have multiple devices, you can easily pick up reading anywhere!

And the Google Play Books app has a fresh new design. We’ve introduced a Read Now section with books you’ve recently purchased, uploaded or read, giving you access to what you want to read most. Enjoy!

Howdy storydam google people.

Okay, I'm here. Now you all must very clear on what I'm supposed to do ... I'm a Google+ neophyte.

I've been on Google+ for a long time now, but have never really used it for much.

My giveaway has started. It can use all the love it can get. =)

Yay! I'm official "In" :) When's our first hangout? :P

Join us in conversations about writing and how to break through the walls to finish and publish your manuscripts. #StoryDam  

I'm so excited to connect with everyone here - I feel like I don't see everyone in our twitter chat. :D 
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