Name: (H or V/real)

Occupation: (Hero/Villain/Student)




Grade: (if student)



The rules of this community are simple.
● Do not God Mode
● Respect your fellow members
● Foul language is fine this group is PG-13
● Pervy rp is to be private
● All characters will be monitored and will be approved the Mayor and other city officials.

● Character types are not strictly limited here and can be of any fantasy species you want and can hold any power or skill you wish for. (Ex. Elves, Mutants, Aliens, alterdimensionals, Faeries, and martial artist with chi)
● If you want a battle that could potentially destroy half a city please consult a admin.
● If you plan to start a hero's or villains league please consult an admin.
● If you want to hold a place of authority please consult an admin
● The breaking of any rules will result in a warning and for repeating offenders will result in banning.
● If you have any comments that can help with the betterment of this page please and we mean please consult an admin!
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